Artis Video Series: Shai Azoulay

Mar 14, 2014 3:13PM

"As an artist working in Jerusalem, it's very complicated because you're alone on a deserted island. I feel, for the art, it's good because you are isolated, in a sense. When I'm showing my work outside of Israel, [people say] there is something very "Israeli" [to] it... but I don't see it. I don't feel that I'm a local artist. I feel that I'm living in the world; in the country of painting, and I'm a citizen of it." - Shai Azoulay, Artis Video Series, 2014 

Learn more about Shai Azoulay's work in this video interview filmed in his studio in Jerusalem.

Shai Azoulay - Born in Israel in 1971, Shai Azoulay lives and works in Jerusalem. He studied at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, where he received both his BFA and MFA. 

In his paintings, Azoulay creates a narrative abundant with figures and scenes that radiate human warmth, compassion and slight irony. His work ranges between drawing and painting, between the sophisticated and the naïve, and between the omnipotent to the limited. As such, the work addresses the two conflicting worlds found in the mind of the contemporary painter – the classic, iconic, romantic and spiritual world, on one side, and the modern, moonstruck and saturated world on the other. 

His work has been shown at the Israel and Tel Aviv museums and in galleries in Israel, New York, and Rome. Azoulay was the recipient of the Tel Aviv Museum prize for young artists and the Mazes Prize in Jerusalem.