Artissima 2018: 25th Edition

Sep 24, 2018 9:16PM

In 2018 Artissima celebrates its 25th anniversary. Directed by Ilaria Bonacossa for the second year in a row, the fair opens on Thursday 1 November, and welcomes over 50,000 visitors from Friday the 2nd to Sunday 4 November at the OVAL in Torino.  

Internationally renowned for its focus on experimental practices, and as a launching pad for up-and-coming artists and galleries, Artissima is a unique event that attracts a large audience of collectors, sector professionals and art lovers every year. As the only fair in Italy to concentrate exclusively on contemporary art, it is the preferred event of curators, directors of art institutions and foundations, as well as the patrons of museums from all over the world who are involved in various ways in the projects of Artissima.  

The fil rouge of the 25th edition will be “time” (Time is on our side), seen not as a static freeze-frame of memory and celebration, but as a dynamic flow capable of setting the pace of change, while capturing the emotional suspension time activated by works of art.  

The “time” of Artissima thus takes on a dual value: that of an eloquent past, and that of a future open to creative explorations. The fair begins, in fact, from its own history and identity – a consistent path of constant renewal and experimentation, but always capable of conserving its own recognizable character – in order to take part in the construction of the future history of art.    

The vitality of Artissima and its innovative force resonate throughout the city, thanks to the active cooperation of many public institutions, museums, foundations and galleries, in a context of interaction with cultural projects across the Region.  

Artissima also has a significant economic impact on the city, generating an influx equal to 3.7 million euros each year, above and beyond its budget of expenditure.  

The fair thus confirms its dynamic role, contributing to the growth of the Italian art market, stimulating and supporting collectors with an eye on innovation in a continuously evolving critical and curatorial vision.  

The fair is managed by Artissima srl, a company affiliated with Fondazione Torino Musei.

In the words of Ilaria Bonacossa

In 2018 Artissima celebrates an important anniversary: 25 years of a fair that has gained a reputation for its focus on experimentation and the pursuit of new approaches, for the coexistence of multiple and often contrasting approaches, for the critical vision of gallerists who are writing the future history of art, and for the courage of the curators ready to wager on talent and not on the marketable appeal of artists.  

I love Artissima because every year it provides a global overview of the contemporary scene, welcoming art lovers into an unexpected space/time, suspended outside the everyday dimension, in which works of art can transform our perspective on the world.  

Time is on our side, on the side of those who want to discover and intensely experience the world of art, savouring and reflecting, opening to otherness and change.  

Our time is the time devoted by galleries to the discovery and rediscovery of artists, to the production of their works and to support their creative research.  

The time of images capable of activating thoughts and emotions rather than being passively consumed.  

The time of listening in the new Sound section, a surprising journey through 16 sound installations.  

The accelerated time of exploration of opportunities offered by the digital dimension.  

The time of drawing that is simultaneously a work in progress and a finished project, classic medium transformed by contemporary interpretation and innovative ways of thinking.  

The creative time of Artissima Junior in which young visitors to the fair, together with an artist, will produce a large environmental installation.  

The time of coexistence and aural and visual co-design of our “Experimental Academy” to transform the fair into a space for creation, and for the training of young artists.  

The time of sharing and the experience of an artist’s dinner, to sample new convivial approaches.  

The time for commemoration of great artists.  

The time of Torino, a city suspended between past and future, between Egyptian treasures and contemporary installations, regal glories and working-class memories, engineered rationalism and esoteric magic.  


Vanessa Beecroft (b. in Genova in 1969), vb84.044.nt, 2017-2018. Courtesy of the artist and Lia Rumma.

Gioberto Noro, Lorem Ipsum, 2017. Courtesy of the artists and Alberto Peola

“On the international events scene few can justifiably make use of the superlative case in their official name. For a quarter of a century we have pursued excellence, and we will continue to do so, together with selected art galleries and collectors from all over the world. This fertile symbiosis is the key to our success. Only this is Artissima”.  

Maurizio Cibrario, President of Fondazione Torino Musei  

“By now Artissima is part of the foundations of the identity of our territory, which has always been a hotbed of artistic creativity, and the home of some of the most important Italian cultural initiatives. Regione Piemonte actively supports the contemporary art system, and through concrete measures it stimulates collaboration among all the players involved, from foundations to associations. Therefore we would like to welcome the international artists, exhibitors, curators and museum directors, and of course the many visitors who will be on hand for this latest edition of the fair, which judging by the programme cannot fail to be a resounding success”.  

Sergio Chiamparino, President of Regione Piemonte  

“The achievement of 25 years of Artissima is a tangible sign of the success of this international fair, and of the extraordinary focus of Torino on contemporary artistic expression – the Mayor of the City of Torino Chiara Appendino proudly emphasises. – It confirms the firm commitment of our administration to support the flair of artists who bring works and installations of remarkable beauty, and the efforts of the art critics and historians who have contributed to construct Torino’s identity as a city open to experimentation and innovation in the field of the figurative arts. The fertile creative atmosphere generated by the artists, the enthusiasm of museum curators and gallerists, and the strong bond with public and private institutions involved in cultural patronage, all contribute to the nurturing of talents”.  

“Artissima celebrates its 25th anniversary, a passage that reflects the fair’s success and its constantly growing reputation, in Italy but above all on the international scene. As a long-term partner of the fair, we are certain that this important anniversary confirms the unique status acquired over the years, in an event that continues to evolve through innovative cultural initiatives of outstanding quality, such as those the Foundation chooses to support”, says Fulvio Gianaria, President of Fondazione per l’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea CRT.

“Since 2017, Compagnia di San Paolo has decided to focus its contribution on Artissima digital – says Anna Maria Poggi, member of the board of directors of Compagnia di San Paolo – a three-year project for the programmatic implementation of Artissima in the digital setting, to give rise to a true ecosystem capable of responding to the needs of an increasingly digitalised art world. This focus fully coincides with the objective of the Foundation to promote opportunities connected with the digital sphere in culture, and their role of development in the various areas of action, from management to organisation, communication to utilisation”.  

“The Camera di commercio di Torino has always supported Artissima, so we are proud to celebrate this 25th anniversary. We have watched the fair grow, constantly improving its reputation on the dynamic, competitive international scene. Today Artissima is an event that makes Torino one of the most creative European cities, bringing credibility to the range of cultural offerings of our territory. Moreover, we should not overlook the economic impact generated by the week in November to benefit the local art market, the trade fair sector and that of creativity, as well as the hospitality, food-wine and service industries.”  

Vincenzo Ilotte, President of Camera di commercio di Torino