artmonte-carlo: OBJECTS, MY FRIENDScurated by Martine Bedin

Apr 10, 2017 8:47AM

Ettore Bed- Sotsass Galerie - Rudi Volpi & Clio Calvi Milano; courtesy artmonte-carlo

Objects, my friends is an exhibition of furniture and objects made with care, objects produced in small quantity, boldly escaping from fashion and market laws, and loaded with a great poetry. Created by architects, designers or artists, all attached to beauty. Those objects ask the question of their status: Art objects? Everyday objects? Both?

Drawn objects to play with light, in glass, porcelain, or furthermore in silver, marble, alabaster... Those fragile objects will be laid on a great pink table, in a pink house, below the glass roof and the Mediterranean sun: vibrant ceramics of northern countries, vases of Fausto Melotti, sleepy face of Kiki Kogelnik...

Great furniture which will watch over us, almost against the light in front of the sea, strange "silhouettes".

Funny furniture as well, offbeat, indisciplined.

Enigmatic mirros and photographs from where the objects live, in the intimacy of Monegasque interiors, themselves enigmatic images as well.

It is a new walk reflected infinitely in the huge mirros of Jean Nouvel, going from oneiric bed, unique, of Ettore Sottsass of whom it is this year the anniversary of the hundred years of his birthday, to the objects never seen since the eighties of Sandro Chia and Michelangelo Pistoletto. And as discovery as well, of young and less young creators, little exhibited to the public, but as much intense and passionate.

This exhbition will develop on the very great space "Le Génois" on the first floor of the Forum Grimaldi, overlooking the sea. The twenty galleries come from France, Germany, London, and many from Italy which is not far, thanks to the precious help of Franco Raggi. A presence of designers and orphan artists as well, who will come and share their work with the public.

This great presence of design in the artmonte-carlo exhibition is like this world which accepts with happiness the border shifts, because overall, what gathers all the present works, it is imagination.

Martine Bedin