artmonte-carlo 2018 Programming

Apr 9, 2018 6:40PM

Each year, artmonte-carlo devotes a space for non-commercial exhibitions, including private and public collections as well as curated shows. For more information about the exhibitions or programs at the fair, please visit the official website here.



Elmgreen & Dragset / 2018  

Elmgreen & Dragset, Temporary Art Museum/Powerless StructuresEFG Art Collection  


la verrière  

Asad Raza / 2018

Asad Raza, Root sequence. Mother tongueRockbund Art Museum (RAM), ShanghaiRoot sequence. Mother tongue is an assembly, an environment, or a metabolism: it is composed of 26 trees in wheeled containers, treated flooring, UV lighting, custom scent, and a group of human caretakers and objects that belong to them. The piece is not merely the elements assembled but the relations of care, causality and narration between the living and non-living entities there present. A metabolic process ensues in which visitors experience a form of con-sociality or a “being with” the trees, caretakers, and objects. It also functions as an environment, i.e. allowing for the proprioception of its particular visual, sonic, and aromatic conditions. Root sequence. Mother tongue suggests the ur-place of the forest, with the attendant mythico-historic connotations.  

This project is realised with the help of Rolls-Royce Art Programme, Villa Arson and Izolyatsia.




design curated  

NOMAD Club by RDC/AAL & Gate5  

The first edition of NOMAD Club at artmonte-carlo is an opportunity to create a meeting point between art and design.  

The unobstructed sea view will serve as a backdrop to a curated space in which guests can relax and be entertained. The Pop Up space is created specially for the occasion by the renown American Architect Rafael de Cárdenas in collaboration with Monaco’s Gate 5, an important player in the world of collectible design.  

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contemporary art on a private boat  

Each year, artmonte-carlo organizes, in conjunction with the salon, an exhibition on a yacht in Monaco’s harbor.  

Contemporary Art on a Private Boat, Port Hercule, Monaco  

Hypersea, curated by Juliette Desorgues  

With the support of DYNAMIQ.  


Watershed pollution, a theory of embodiment, amniotic becomings, disaster, environmental colonialism, how to write, global capital, nutrition, philosophy, birth, rain, animal ethics, evolutionary biology, death, storytelling, bottle water, multinational pharmaceutical corporations, drowning, poetry.1  

Such are the concerns described by Astrida Neimanis for feminist thinking in today’s neo-liberal world. Reflecting on her concept of ‘hydrofeminism’, the works of artists are brought together in dialogue and tension on a yacht moored in the port of Monaco, a site which becomes a prime symbol of today’s complex dystopian conditions.  

Water is considered here an entity in and of itself, as well as a metaphor. Water not only largely constitutes our planet, but also our bodies and those of other species that inhabit its surface. Its cyclical flow comes to undermine the Western individualistic view of humanity as an all-permeating species. Our watery bodies are similar to the watery bodies of others that populate this world.2 We become entangled and enmeshed in a community of bodies, of membrane and flesh, that are also ‘animal, vegetable, geophysical, meteorological, and technological’.3  

Water, through its constant flow, is considered expansive, pluralistic, relational, and beyond categorisations. It is also viscous, porous, allowing forms of tension and resistance. It becomes a metaphor, engaged with feminist, queer, post-colonial and ecological, presents and futures. Like the cyclical movement of the oceanic tides it ebbs, flows and oozes against the solid shores, against dominant neo-liberal power structures.  

Ashes to ashes, water to water  

We are all bodies of water4  

[1] Astrida Neimanis ‘Hydrofeminism: Or, On Becoming a Body of Water’ in Undutiful Daughters: New Directions in Feminist Thought and Practice, ed. Henriette Gunkel, Chrysanthi Nigianni, and Fanny Söderbäck (New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2012), p. 95  

2 Mark A. S. McMenamin and Dianna L. S. McMenamin, Hypersea: Life on Land (New York: Columbia University Press, 1996)  

3 Astrida Neimanis ‘Hydrofeminism: Or, On Becoming a Body of Water’ in Undutiful Daughters: New Directions in Feminist Thought and Practice, ed. Henriette Gunkel, Chrysanthi Nigianni, and Fanny Söderbäck (New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2012), p. 96  

4 Ibid., p. 91 and p.1.  


art talks & performances  

26th to 29th of April 2018  

Les Ballets de Monte-Carlo, Grimaldi ForumVIOLIN CONCERTO (Georges Balanchine) + ABSTRACT/LIFE (Jean-Christophe Maillot)

The partnership with artmonte-carlo gives you the benefit of a preferential rate on the purchase of your show ticket, upon presentation of your artmonte-carlo fair entry.

Image courtesy of artmonte-carlo.


art projects  

Les Ballets de Monte-Carlo and artmonte-carlo / 2018

In 1985, Les Ballets de Monte Carlo Company was founded thanks to HRH the Princess of Hanover who wished to perpetuate the long tradition of dance in Monaco. the appointment of Jean-Christophe Maillot in 1993 brought the company renewal and international renown thanks to his choreographies, acclaimed the world over and its invitation of the greatest choreographers.  

In April, Les Ballets de Monte-Carlo are offering a program made up of two ballets. The first, “Violin Concerto” (composed by Stravinski), marks the great return of Balanchine. Les Ballets de Monte-Carlo, which have showcased 19 ballets by “Mister B”, are among the best companies to have performed it. The second ballet proposed takes up the idea of a concerto, this time for cello and orchestra, composed by Bruno Mantovani. Sensitive to the way in which Jean-Christophe Maillot appropriates all types of music, the composer created “Abstract”, which alternates between dazzling contrasts and moments of waiting before submitting his piece to the choreographer.  

The partnership with artmonte-carlo gives you the benefit of a preferential rate on the purchase of your show ticket, upon presentation of your artmonte-carlo fair entry.  

Images courtesy of artmonte-carlo.

Les Apprentis Collectionneurs / 2018  

For the second year running, Les Apprentis Collectionneurs will explore the aisles of the artmonte-carlo salon searching for the work that will join the NMNM collections. Following a series of visits, workshops and discussions with different professionals in the art world throughout the school year, this group of pupils in their last two years at the Lycée François d’Assise Nicolas Barré in Monaco will present a selection of works to a specially composed acquisitions committee. Last year the work selected was by Pierre Joseph, Pierre Joseph? Pivoine, which was purchased from the Galerie Air in Paris.  

Les Apprentis Collectionneurs is an educational programme of the NMNM that receives support from the artists’ rights association SOGEDA, Monaco.

Images courtesy of artmonte-carlo.

bOUncE clUB, installation for dialoguing and bouncing from s.marin / 2018  

[c r i s s – c r o s s] art institutions in dialogue, Espace Diaghilev, Grimaldi Forum, Monaco  

bOUNCE cLUB an installation for dialoguing and bouncing  

smarin has leading a research on mechanical and therapeutic gestures since 2012.  Several objects and proposals have emerged : Sifflu, Nap Bar, Kairos, la sChaise.  

The design proposal is the following one:  – sChaises, trampoline seats : Rebound, in the same gesture, relaxation of tension and dynamics of the elastic force of the seats  .– Parasols awnings to lift or to lower, choose distance and opening.  – Musical instruments tables.  

A colorful and aerial geometry inviting the visitor to take a seat in the architecture inhabited by this autonomous space.  

Inside the space, there is the possibility of producing a new gesture.  

The opportunity is to invent an individual and collective multi-sensory experience:  inhabiting in one’s body / living in rhythm / swinging / improvising music / hiding / showing off / ….  

The Bounce Club is a “mechanical and microsociological experience in elastic ground”.  

A performance will take place on Friday, April 27th 2018, at 05:00 pm during the opening.    

Images courtesy of artmonte-carlo.