Barry McGee x Brooklyn

Lori Zimmer
Dec 19, 2012 11:00PM

Yay! Brooklyn has a new Barry! I was super psyched to hear that one of my favorite artists, Barry McGee, was returning to New York to paint a mural. In a collaboration with Vanity FairCadillac, the Mark Morris Dance Group and Brooklyn Academy of Music, the ginormous 96 x 67 foot painting (called Untitled 2012) was installed in Downtown Brooklyn earlier this fall. This new mural is in so much more of the McGee style that first made me a fan back when he showed at Deitch Projects than his last on Houston in 2010- which was a series of red tags paying tribute to other graf writers.

The mural, which is on the side of the Mark Morris Dance Company, has turned Downtown BK into a faux-gallery, looking just like a giant version of his signature cluster paintings. I think my favorite part of the eight story painting is the giant red square on the lower left which has a string of geometric shapes with his iconic patterns (I’d love a t-shirt of this…ahem)

What’s even more awesome, is that the mural will be the backdrop for a photo shoot by Jason Schmidt for this month’s Vanity FairHere’ s a behind the scenes vid of the making.

Lori Zimmer