Ian Larson - A Sexed Up Jean DuBuffet?

Lori Zimmer
Dec 25, 2012 8:00PM

Ian Larson’s work is like a super sexed-up Jean DuBuffet at Sodom and Gomorrah. His gloppy characters writhe in horrifying ecstasy on an island of skulls, or they ravage each other amidst crucifixes and priests. They pull out each others eyes and bite heads off birds, like a scene from that movie Event Horizon–the violent and sexual chaos which ensues when a spaceship and crew are launched into a negative vortex.

Larson’s paintings are crude and Art Brut-like. His usage of wax to build up surfaces and actual human hair only illustrate the grotesque even more. His scrawls appear as childlike, but controlled, not only because of the mature content but because Larson has the capability of showing skill and deliberation in the chaos of wax and paint.

Larson’s work depicts the messy and dirty elements of sex, because let’s face it, sometimes it just ain’t pretty.

Read on for a mini-interview with Ian Larson

Lori Zimmer