Jud Bergeron's Ducks

Lori Zimmer
Apr 18, 2013 6:08PM

Sculptor Jud Bergeron has created quite possibly the best Kickstarter video I have ever seen. In the past, I've compared is work to Cubism or Boccioni, but his latest bronze project is inspired not by art history- but his kid. Departing from his sharply angular forms, his new piece is an explosion-- of rubber ducks. The piece was inspired by his daughter Storey falling down on a playground, subsequently knocking out four of her teeth. The resulting sculpture inspired by her fall translates her love for rubber ducks into the explosive force that childhood is- quite literally an atom bomb made from bronze ducks.

I often wonder how parenthood will affect an artist's oeuvre. Many claim they will remain the same, but what ends up happening is their work takes on a more critical view of the world, as they grow fiercely protective of the world their kids live in.

I love this video, and was excited to see that Bergeron's piece was funded with time still left.

Lori Zimmer