UNCOLLECTABLE Pop Up Sound Experience

Lori Zimmer
May 30, 2013 5:57PM

Lately I've been exploring the world of sound art, and this exhibition "sounds" particularly interesting and educational-


SHOW DATE JUNE 21 and 22

Inspired by sound art’s resistance to commercialization and conventional art-collecting practices, UNCOLLECTABLE is a performance at the intersection of sound and music. The pop-up show will combine elements of an art exhibit reception and a musical experience to expand upon the compositional vocabulary of songwriting and concert programming. This multicultural performance will be kicking off a month-long art exhibit hosted at SoHo’s Hotel Particulier


THE SHOW | The program is built to reflect the thresholds of how sound and music can come together; rather than offering a critique of the music industry, UNCOLLECTABLE is an exploration of where and how the two meet. By exploring sound art through a songwriter’s lens, UNCOLLECTABLE enables visitors to explore Middle Eastern culture in a new light – while also offering an opportunity to reflect on the future of indie music.

Ticketed guests will go through a program developed by +Aziz, a Kuwaiti songwriter and trend spotter who seeks to create musical experiences informed by cultural trends beyond entertainment. This project is inspired by a trend in the art world. UNCOLLECTABLE is developed in collaboration with ArteEast, a non-profit focused in contemporary Middle Eastern art in New York, and NUQAT, a design conference in the Arabian Gulf.

In addition to adding sound components to all songs played, there are moments where structured music is nowhere to be found, and the art of sound becomes the foreground. Attendees can expect to experience a collage of tactile experiences. Various collaboration occasions within the show’s program will culminate to creating online content such as an UNCOLLECTABLE Dropbox folder, a music video, Soundcloud files…etc.

THE CROWDFUNDING | Supporters of UNCOLLECTABLE’s crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo can take advantage of perks like first hand peeks of a rotating exhibition (through July 10th), exclusive consultations, and personalized tours from +Aziz. The Indiegogo campaign is live until June 21st.

THE SPACE | Hotel Particulier is an establishment where encounters, cross-pollination of ideas, disciplines and collaboration can take root and grow in a space that is different - and where there is a freedom of experimentation. It is a place of hospitality, of de-compartmentalization, of conversations, and where not only artworks are exhibited but also ideas.

Lori Zimmer