Impressions of PINTA New York

Art Privee
Nov 17, 2013 4:59PM
The atmosphere at opening night of Pinta New York was electric! Every gallery had a chilled bottle of wine or champagne and the excitement was palpable amid the multicultural (and multilingual) audience.   

Pinta is subdivided into five newly designated sections—Pinta Galleries, curated by Ian Cofre (Contemporary) and Cecilia Fajardo-Hill (Modern); Pinta Emerge, featuring works by ten emerging artists, curated by Jose Roca; Pinta Centro,organized by Omar Lopez-Chahoud concentrating on Central America; Pinta Video, curated by Octavio Zaya; and a public program and lecture series, Pinta Forum, coordinated by Miguel Lopez and curator Gabriela Rangel.     

Walking around the well-organized fair, we found many gems of Latin American artworks. Carlos Cruz-Diez works were sprinkled around several galleries representing different approaches and materials by the artist. Sculptural pieces by Jesús Rafael Soto could also be found interspersed throughout the fair.     

Painterly sculptures made of wire mesh by Ivan Contreras Brunet dazzled at Isabel AninatCB1 Gallery presented colorful works by Lorenzo Hurtado Segovia, and Pan American Art Projects had a large double booth with an array of two- and three-dimensional works. Carlos Rolon's mirror pieces reflected a spectacular Sebastian Errazuriz chandelier made of glass, crystal, and taxidermied birds in Salon 94's space.   
Diablo Rosso Gallery of Panama City presented a truly captivating video work, "Domino Effect," 2013 by Donna Conlon / Jonathan Harker. 
We had a firsthand look at the exciting trend of collecting Latin American Art and it's no wonder these highly viable artists are rising stars in the contemporary art market.

"Ten years ago, there was no [Latin American] presence at fairs like Art Basel," said Mr. Costa Peuser, the fair's executive director. "Now, the presence of Latin American art is strong, and the U.S. and Europe are looking toward these emerging markets." —The Wall Street Journal

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