The Venice Questionnaire #8: Shary Boyle

May 23, 2013 8:14PM

ArtReview sent a questionnaire to a selection of the artists exhibiting in various national pavilions of the Venice Biennale, the responses to which will be published over the coming days. Shary Boyle is representing Canada. The pavilion is in the Giardini.

What can you tell us about your plans for Venice?

For Venice I have challenged myself to transform a very bright day-time building into night, without blocking or veiling any of its essential character. I have done this with textiles, bronze, plaster and porcelain, and with the assistance of various antiquated technologies. The Canada pavilion will become a sanctuary where inner and outer space co-exist.

Are you approaching the show in a different way to how you would with a ‘normal’ exhibition?

It’s impossible not to respond to site and circumstance when planning for Venice… such a large number of culturally diverse people coming through the grounds, in one of the most mythologically, architecturally, geographically fantastical cities in Europe. My work is often sourced from within – for this project especially self is in service of place and the public.

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Burden I, 2009. Porcelain, china paint, luster. Courtesy of the artist and Jessica Bradley, Inc., Toronto.