Oriano Galloni for Arts for India - September 26th - Voce Di Gallery

Arts for India
Sep 3, 2013 11:06AM

On September 26th at the Voce Di design space in New York, art foundation Arts for India is hosting a fundraising evening featuring the work of international artist Oriano Galloni. 

Galloni produced a series of sculptures for Arts for India in carrera marble, wood used to traditionally ship marble from Italy to India and silken belts. These were titled "Silent Souls: Colors of Spirit". These beautiful statues stand over a meter high with two standing at two meters high. 

"A story about a journey to India experienced by Novella Drudi gave birth to Oriano Galloni’s project ‘Colors of Spirit’, supporting ‘Arts for India’.

On one hand there are these impressive and touching images of people in their daily life, simple, prideful and noble at the same time. On the other hand there are all the sensations, odors, essences and colors, typical and unique for this country, hardly to be captured. All these impressions are testimonies of a long history full of timeless spirituality, culture and rich in archetypal values. 

A different country - a different world. Galloni’s project ‘Colors of Spirit’ has been inspired by both simplicity and spirituality.

A simple object as a silken belt acquired at Jaisalmer, in the desert of Thar in Rajasthan is a key object in the realization of Galloni’s project".

Ten sculptures, entitled: Amaranth, Aquamarine, Brown, Coral, Fuchsia, Orange, Purple, Silver, Tawny and Yellow will feature on the evening.

Arts for India fundraises for the development of the Delhi-based International Institute of Fine Arts (IIFA), a quality arts establishment which educates over 375 students each year to degree and diploma level in art, fashion and cinema. 

Arts for India was established in the United States to help build the Four Year Scholarship Fund so that impoverished potential Indian students could study at IIFA for free. The cost of the full four years is $5600. 


Arts for India