An Innovative Online Platform for Buying Art, from De Buck Gallery in New York

  • One of the interactive lookbooks from DB Concept.

In a forward-thinking move, De Buck Gallery recently launched DB Concept, an online platform to complement the gallery’s brick-and-mortar location. The site, which went live in December 2015, offers not only a curated selection of art but ideas on how to build and display a collection in your own home.

From the De Buck Gallery homepage, a click on the DB Concept button takes users to the new platform. Its most prominent feature is a series of lookbooks. Inspired by the enticing photographs in fashion magazines and catalogs, the gallery lookbooks showcase available artworks by displaying them in various, considered arrangements.

By scrolling over the plus-sign symbols that appear next to each piece, users can see the artwork titles and corresponding artists. Those intrigued by an artwork can scroll a bit more and click “View Details,” which leads to a separate page and fuller information about the artist and work. You can even share the link to social media and, of course, add the artwork to your cart.

  • One of the interactive lookbooks from DB Concept.

One lookbook places abstract works by Carson Fox and Joseph Cohen into a pastel-hued room. Three of Fox’s large, pink sculptures adorn the walls, inspired by the shape of urchins, while in the foreground sits the substantial sculpture of a black rock shot through with crystals. These nature-inspired sculptures surround two paintings, Proposition 276 and Proposition 327 (both 2012). To make them, Cohen mixed paint with such precious material as diamond dust and gold, then poured the mixture over wooden panels, creating a textured, scrim-like surface that drips beyond the composition’s edge.

In another look book, the colorful, cartoonish faces of artist John Baldessari and auteurs John Waters and David Lynch peer out from the backs of black leather jackets. These pieces, the creations of Alice Lancaster, are aligned front-and-center, serving as whimsical counterpoints to two abstract paintings by Dion Johnson—all ready for an inspired home at the click of a button.

Karen Kedmey

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