At Dallas Art Fair, Louise Alexander Gallery Offers an Impressive Array of International Art

Apr 12, 2016 6:45PM
Center Curve, 2016
Louise Alexander Gallery

For the 2016 Dallas Art Fair, the Sardinia-based Louise Alexander Gallery exports an eclectic mix of artwork, including large-scale sculptures, geometric light installations, and wall-mounted works created by emerging and midcareer artists.

Louise Alexander Gallery
5 rings, 2016
Louise Alexander Gallery

British artist Anthony James’ work is especially striking. Made from mirror-polished aluminum, his sculptures reflect the environment from peculiar angles. Untitled (2015) and 5 rings (2016) both feature strong, geometric shapes, each resting atop pedestals of organic, rough-cut stones. 5 Rings (2016) is porous, with circles stacked atop one another, while the jagged Untitled resembles a lightning bolt or a serrated tool used for carving.

The Istanbul-based artist duo :mentalKLINIK created Moet (2014–2016), a large sculptural replica of a champagne top cast in brass. The spiraled twist is broken and slightly unwound, evidence of its uncorking; hopefully, somewhere someone is enjoying an oversized bottle of bubbly.

Though :mentalKLINIK often creates immersive installations and participatory performance pieces, the works selected for this show tend to stick to more conventional presentations, as with the aluminum, glass, and polymer resin on display in the alluringly geometric “Liar” series (2011).

Israeli-born artist Arik Levy brings a show-stopping piece called RockGrowth 350 (2015), a crystal-shaped explosion of steel parts radiating from a central point. Levy’s highly reflective industrial material offers a fractured, composite view of the world—an effect akin to that of James’ polished aluminum. While many of Levy’s works are transformed into functional forms (tables, shelves, chairs, etc.), this sculpture is nonfunctional. It juts out in sharp angles, exposing new views of the colors and textures that surround us.

—Anna Furman

Louise Alexander Gallery’s booth at Dallas Art Fair is on view Apr. 14–Apr. 17, 2016.

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