Carole Seborovski’s Mixed-Media Collages Explore Abstract Space

Mar 3, 2016 11:46PM

Carole Seborovski’s mixed-media collages and ceramic sculptures combine organic and inorganic materials—Flashe, ceramic, twine, sand, etc.—to brilliant effect. The Nohra Haime Gallery in Midtown Manhattan draws together a collection of her richly textured, abstract works in the new show “Physical Intuition.”

In Targeted (2015), three forms are aligned in a vertical column: a clearly outlined bullseye protrudes outward like a nipple above a painted-gray circle and an entangled web of twine near the bottom. Coffee stain–colored drips wrap around the work’s border, while an uneven painted surface and irregular patterning reveal Seborovski’s key interest: texture. The same motifs—drip marks, concentric circles—recur in Purged (2015), with its grainy texture and stream of beige-yellow paint. Purged is displayed upright so that its drip pattern seems to travel upward in defiance of gravity.

Most of the works on display in “Physical Intuition” are unmoored and devoid of recognizable forms. Abstract compositions are instead anchored to material reality by small details like rounded disks, plastic beads, and delicate stitch work.

Seborovski oscillates between capturing microcosmic and macrocosmic areas of space, often with spiritual and otherworldly undercurrents. Ouroboros (2014), for instance, has cosmic connotations. Small beads revolve around a pink circle like tiny stars orbiting a bigger star; or perhaps it is a cell’s membrane wrapped around its nucleus.

As the artist once explained, she wants her practice to evolve to the point that the work guides her instead of her guiding the work. The result is an opportunity for contemplation and spiritual introspection, both for the artist and the viewer.

Anna Furman

Carole Seborovski: Physical Intuition” is on view at Nohra Haime Gallery, New York, Mar. 8-Apr. 9, 2016.

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