The Month Ahead: Snarkitecture Builds a Giant Ball Pit + A Futuristic Water Filter at MoMA PS1

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Jun 30, 2015 5:05PM


Our Month Ahead series rounds up noteworthy shows, news, and other happenings in the design and architecture communities.


Opening / Closing

Across the U.S.

New York

The 16th edition of MoMA PS1’s Young Architects Program debuted at the end of June. Through September 7th, you can see COSMO, an exuberant prototype for filtering and purifying water created by Andres Jacque / Office for Political Innovation.

In another recently unveiled exhibition, Portuguese artist and designer Leonor Antunes presents her work for the first time at a New York institution in the New Museum’s “I Stand Like A Mirror Before You.”

Pair of "Cherry Blossom Branch" candlesticks, 2011-2012
R & Company
Unique Triangle Tracery tray in polished bronze, 2014
R & Company

R & Company’s show “David Wiseman: Wilderness and Ornament” has been extended to July 7th.

Latin America in Construction: Architecture 1955-1980” closes at MoMA on July 19th.

If you haven’t yet tried “The Pen” at the Cooper Hewitt, head uptown to see David Adjaye’s selections from its permanent collection.

Lenox, MA

Dough Devil Ring, 2015
Sienna Patti Contemporary
Swine Ring, 2015
Sienna Patti Contemporary
Stone Devil, 2015
Sienna Patti Contemporary

Closing on July 24th at Sienna Patti Contemporary, the jewelry pieces in “Helen Britton: Devils and Their Friends” explore the links between an ever-shifting popular culture and the traces it leaves behind.

Washington, D.C.

Object Project: Everyday Things that Changed Everything” will help inaugurate the National Museum of American History’s brand-new Innovation Wing on July 1st. The exhibition is divided into four sections—Bicycles, Refrigerators, Ready-to-Wear Clothes, and Household Hits—each inviting physical participation from visitors.

Photo by Noah Kalina

Snarkitecture takes over the Great Hall of the National Building Museum on July 4th with The Beach, an interactive architectural installation comprised of nearly one million recyclable plastic balls.

Los Angeles

Phenomena 2014-014, 2014
SEOMI International
Triple Macaron with charcoal spots
SEOMI International

SEOMI International presents the second installation of its four-part series “Living in Art” with “Connect,” on view now through the end of July.

Further Afield


In case you missed it, Carpenters Workshop’s current exhibition is Sebastian Brajkovic’sVanishing Point,” on view now through August 29th.

The Centre Pompidou combs its permanent collection for some 400 highlights of the past three decades. Opening July 2nd, “Une Histoire, Art, Architecture et Design, des Années 80 à Aujourd’hui” spans the work of more than 200 artists and designers from 55 countries.

Déboutonner La Mode,” an exhibition featuring more than 3000 unique buttons, closes at Musée des Arts Décoratifs on July 19th.

Weil am Rhein

Chicoco Radio Station, Port Harcourt, Nigeria, designed by NLÉ Architects, 2014
"Making Africa: A Continent of Contemporary Design" at Vitra Design Museum, Weil am Rhein (2015)
Fauteil Sansa bleu, 2011
"Making Africa: A Continent of Contemporary Design" at Vitra Design Museum, Weil am Rhein (2015)

Coinciding with the exhibition “Making Africa: A Continent of Contemporary Design” at Vitra Design Museum, Burkinabé architect Diébédo Francis Kéré has taken over the Buckminster Fuller dome at the Vitra Campus for the shoe brand Camper. The brand seems to be having a moment, as evidenced by a simultaneous exhibition at Design Museum London, “Life on Foot,” open now through November 1st.


In the News

In conjunction with the opening of the 15th Serpentine Gallery Pavilion, take a look at the life of previous pavilions after the initial unveiling in London’s Royal Park. (via The Guardian)

The Rainbow Flag. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

MoMA has acquired the rainbow flag that has become an icon for the gay community, first created by San Francisco’s Gilbert Baker in 1978. (via MoMA Inside/Out)

Donald Ingber and Dan Dongeun Huh’s Human Organs-on-Chips was announced as this year’s Design of the Year by Design Museum London.



On July 15th and 16th, designers, scientists, writers, curators and scholars from across the globe will gather at “Knotty Objects,” the first MIT Media Lab Design Summit, to discuss four objects—the brick, bitcoin, steak, and phone—as lenses through which to examine the transdisciplinary nature of contemporary design. This first summit, jumpstarted by Joi Ito and curated by Paola Antonelli, Neri Oxman, and Kevin Slavin, will also be an occasion to present the first annual MIT Media Lab Award to the legendary Fiona Raby and Anthony Dunne.

—Kristina Parsons

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