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10 In-Demand Works on Artsy This Week: February 18, 2021

Shannon Lee and Beatrice Sapsford
Feb 18, 2021 7:57PM

In this weekly series, Artsy’s Curatorial and Editorial teams offer a look at the artworks that are currently gaining traction among collectors on Artsy. Looking at our internal data, we share a selection of works that Artsy members are engaging with through inquiries, page views, and saves, plus promising lots in current auctions. The following pieces are culled from recent online auctions and art fairs hosted on Artsy, as well as exhibitions and works added by our gallery partners.

David Hockney, “A Bigger Fire” and “No Fire” iPad prints pair by David Hockney (2020)

David Hockney
"A Bigger Fire" and "No Fire" iPad prints pair by David Hockney, 2020

This pair of David Hockney prints has been receiving a number of inquiries. Rendered on an iPad, these drawings exemplify the British artist’s fondness for producing painterly images on screens—a practice that began on his iPhone in 2009. A Bigger Fire recently ignited controversy when a version of it was featured on the cover of The New Yorker’s December 14, 2020, issue, courting polarized opinions regarding the work’s quality.

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Aisha Tandiwe Bell, Resonate Red Echo Maker (2020)

Aisha Tandiwe Bell
Resonate Red Echo Maker, 2020
Welancora Gallery

Interest in this mixed-media work by Aisha Tandiwe Bell has seen an uptick in the past week. This is likely attributed to Bell’s inclusion in Artsy’s feature on Black collectors shaping the future of art; her work is collected by Brooklyn-based Ivy N. Jones. Resonate Red Echo Maker is part of Bell’s series “Scars, Bars, and Camouflage,” which explores the symbolic significance of prison bars, African scarification, and face painting.

Browse available works by Aisha Tandiwe Bell.

Carsten Beck Nielsen, Composition 02 (2021)

Carsten Beck Nielsen
Composition 02, 2021

Currently on view as part of “PUZZLE,” a group show presented by Italy’s Roman Sviridov, this minimal composition by Danish artist Carsten Beck Nielsen has been receiving a significant number of inquiries. The work is representative of the artist’s mathematical approach and geometric precision. This coming May, Roman Sviridov will present a solo exhibition of Nielsen’s work.

Browse available works by Carsten Beck Nielson.

Shara Hughes, Blocking it Out (2020)

Shara Hughes
Blocking It Out, 2020
Galerie Sabine Knust | Knust Kunz Gallery Editions

This monotype by Shara Hughes is a testament to how the artist is able to translate her painting practice to print without sacrificing her signature dynamic mark-making and vibrant color palette. Executed in the past year, the work is one of a suite of prints by Hughes uploaded by Galerie Sabine Knust’s Knust Kunz Gallery Editions that have been seeing considerable demand; another Shara Hughes print from this series was included in one of last month’s in-demand lists.

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Nicolas Party, Flowers and a Few Colours (2013)

A whirlwind of competitive bidding sent this colorful print by Nicolas Party to nearly double its high estimate of $3,000 at Tate Ward’s “Street to Studio” sale. Known for his bright palette and Pop sensibilities, the Swiss artist was recognized by Artsy as one of the most influential artists of 2020 due to the insatiable demand for his work at auctions and his first solo exhibition with Hauser & Wirth. In the coming year, Party is slated to have institutional solo shows at MASI Lugano, Kestner Gesellschaft, and Le Consortium.

Browse available works by Nicolas Party.

Hayal Pozanti, 23 (YUNU) (2020)

With a week left to bid, this canvas by the Turkish-born, Los Angeles–based artist Hayal Pozanti is already well past its estimate in Artsy’s benefit auction for the Equal Justice Initiative. In response to COVID-19, Pozanti decided to relocate her studio space to her garden. She told Artsy in a recent interview that the works she created outdoors this past year are more tactile, and represent “something primitive that is connected deeply to the experience of being human and living on Earth.”

Browse available works by Hayal Pozanti.

Baldur Helgason, Love Me (2020)

Part of Tate Ward’s “By Collectors For Collectors” sale, this screenprint by Baldur Helgason is currently receiving bids over four times its high estimate with the auction on through February 24th. The Icelandic artist is known for cheeky cartoon characters and was recently exhibited as part of a popular two-person exhibition with Emilio Villalba at London’s Ramp Gallery.

Browse available works by Baldur Helgason.

Derrick Adams, Diptych – Woman and Man in Grayscale (2017)

A print of Derrick Adams’s contemporary spin on the Italian Renaissance masterwork Diptych of Federico da Montefeltro and Battista Sforza (ca. 1473–75) by Piero della Francesca is steadily approaching its high estimate at Artsy and Capsule Auctions’s “Fine Print” sale. The print was created specifically for the 2017 Brooklyn Artists Ball, which was honoring musicians and avid art patrons Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz.

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Reggie Burrows Hodges, Pace House (Self Portrait) (2021)

This moody painting by Reggie Burrows Hodges has been the subject of a bidding frenzy at this year’s edition of the Center for Maine Contemporary Art (CMCA)’s annual “Art You Love” benefit auction. Though the auction won’t close until February 26th, the work has already far surpassed its $18,000 estimate. This demand is reflective of the artist’s recent ascent—Hodges currently has his first New York solo exhibition up at Karma and is slated to receive a solo show at the CMCA in 2022.

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Banksy, Golf Sale (2003)

This classic Banksy print sold for nearly three times its high estimate at Heritage’s “In Focus – Banksy” auction—unsurprising given the consistent demand for the street artist’s work. The piece, which references the infamous photograph of a lone protestor facing off a legion of tanks at Tiananmen Square, is well within Banksy’s practice of making the absurdity of militarism, wealth, and culture transparent through pithy stencils.

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Shannon Lee
Beatrice Sapsford