10 In-Demand Works on Artsy This Week

Beatrice Sapsford
Sep 7, 2020 12:00PM

In this weekly series, Artsy’s Curatorial team offers a look at the artworks that are currently gaining traction among collectors on Artsy. Looking at our internal data, we offer a selection of works that Artsy members are engaging with through inquiries, bids, page views, and saves. The following pieces are culled from recent online auctions and art fairs hosted on Artsy, as well as exhibitions and works added by our gallery partners.

Saidou Dicko, The butterfly (2020)

This photograph by self-taught painter and photographer Saidou Dicko received significant attention this past week with a number of collectors placing inquiries on it. The piece, created earlier this year, is representative of the artist’s style of painting over photographs; Dicko aims to capture the essence of the moment and the subject. The piece featured in Afikaris’s most recent show, “Un été sans fin.”

Browse available works by Saidou Dicko.

Pedro Pedro, Tomatoes On The Vine $1.78 Per Lb (2020)

Pedro Pedro
Tomatoes On The Vine $1.78 Per Lb, 2020
The Hole

New York gallery The Hole recently presented the debut solo show of Los Angeles–based artist Pedro Pedro. The highly successful show, “Still Life,” presented a series of still-life paintings featuring bountiful piles of produce, studio tables covered in art supplies, and cabinets overflowing with clothes. This piece by the artist was uploaded to Artsy shortly after the show sold out; it received a flurry of inquiries and was listed as sold shortly after.

Browse available works by Pedro Pedro.

Nelson Makamo, Mother and Child (2018)

Nelson Makamo
Mother and Child, 2018
Everard Read

Johannesburg-based artist Nelson Makamo’s body of work focuses on children in rural parts of South Africa. His works highlight the young subjects’ innocence; Makomo sees the children as embodiments of the peace that all humans seek. This work on paper, uploaded to Artsy by Everard Read, received several inquiries from Artsy users this week.

Browse available works by Nelson Makamo.

Alex Katz, 4:30pm (2017)

Alex Katz
4:30 pm, 2017
Meyerovich Gallery

San Francisco–based Meyerovich Gallery’s current online show features an exclusive selection of works by New York school painter Alex Katz. This particular work received a number of inquiries this week, shortly after the show launched. Though Katz has been working for seven decades and has received a wealth of acclaim, his works have recently become increasingly sought-after, with some now fetching seven-figure sums.

Browse available works by Alex Katz.

Chiharu Shiota, Cell (2020)

Chiharu Shiota
Cell, 2020

Japanese artist Chiharu Shiota is best known for her monumental sculptures woven from thread; her large, twisting installations often envelop the viewer. Templon recently uploaded this more accessibly sized watercolor piece, which received a surge of inquiries this past week.

Browse available works by Chiharu Shiota.

Kenturah Davis, proverbial study I (2020)

Kenturah Davis explores the role that language plays in our understanding of the world around us, and of ourselves. Davis is one of six artists commissioned to make a large-scale, site-specific work that will be featured on the new Crenshaw/LAX rail line in Los Angeles, opening in 2021. This particular work features in the current sale “Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions: Live Benefit Auction 2020” on Artsy. It has been saved by a large number of collectors, indicating a high level of interest.

Browse available works by Kenturah Davis.

Jessie Homer French, Avro Arrow Over Hornby Island (2007)

Jessie Homer French
Avro Arrow Over Hornby Island, 2007

Self-taught artist Jessie Homer French’s body of work explores the natural world and the present-day impact that humans have on it. This painting, which is representative of the artist’s style, was uploaded by Various Small Fires and received increased interest this week, with a number of Artsy users placing inquiries on it.

Browse available works by Jessie Homer French.

Will Fice, Stargazing (2020)

Rising British artist Will Fice recently graduated from Leeds University with a BA in fine art. His work featured in Brooklyn gallery SHIM Art Network’s recent show “The SHIM/Bachelors Show,” an online group exhibition featuring works from recent art graduates around the world. This work from the show received particular attention from Artsy users, including a high number of inquiries this past week.

Browse available works by Will Fice.

Banksy, Bomb Love (2003)

This Banksy work immediately received inquiries after it was uploaded to Artsy by the gallery Area Consulting. Exploring the contrast between love and war, the work originally appeared in Bristol in 2003. A triptych by the artist referencing the refugee crisis in Europe sold in the recent “Rembrandt to Richter” sale at Sotheby’s for more than £2.2 million ($2.8 million), the proceeds of which went to a children’s hospital in Bethlehem.

Browse available works by Banksy.

Horacio Zabala, Estética de la catástrofe. Refugio antiatómico (1983)

Buenos Aires gallery Herlitzka + Faria’s most recent show, “Hábitat – Present Continuous Series,” featured a series of architectural works that explore the notion that modernity was a failed utopian promise. This particular work by Argentinian architect and artist Horacio Zabala received heightened attention in the show, with a notable number of inquiries placed on the work as soon as the exhibition opened.

Browse available works by Horacio Zabala.

Beatrice Sapsford