14 Must-See Exhibitions Closing This Week

Don’t miss these 14 exhibitions closing this week in cities across the globe.


New York

friday, August 14

The Written Trace” closes at Paul Kasmin Gallery

“Based in Los Angeles, Baldessari was a rabid conceptualist, and by 1970 he had abandoned traditional painting altogether, inserting text-based language into his compositions. Ed Ruscha, his peer and friend, with his own text-based works, defined a generation of cross-breed painting that looked like an ironic subversion of consumerist America.”

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Guy Yanai: Ancienne Rive” closes at Ameringer | McEnery | Yohe

“Both actual and implied, borders structure these paintings—from the edges of each strip of color, to the separation between areas of water, land, and sky, to the places where walls of houses meet their outdoor surroundings. There are the edges of his canvases and what lies outside of them, his vignettes suggesting much larger spaces and terrains beyond the frame.”

Read the full review by Karen Kedmey.

Los Angeles

saturday, august 15

New Babylon,” featuring work by Edgar Bryan, Whitney Hubbs, and Isaac Resnikoff, among others, closes at Roberts & Tilton

Eben Goff: Inclusions” closes at Diane Rosenstein

“He conveys such weighty considerations with a distinct visual economy and sense of elegance. But while his new photographs, wall reliefs, and sculptures are striking in their understated, formal beauty, they also expose some troubling truths.”

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Matt Paweski and Andrea Sala” closes at Cherry and Martin

Mexico City

Sunday, august 16

Marco Kalach: Óxidos oníricos” closes at FIFTY24MX Galería

Rio de Janeiro

Saturday, august 15

Artur Lescher: afluentes” closes at Galeria Nara Roesler

São Paulo

saturday, August 15

O Grivo closes at Galeria Nara Roesler


saturday, August 15

James Turrell: From the Guggenheim, Aten Reign” closes at Häusler Contemporary

“Turrell’s works, which today draw crowds in droves (his Aten Reign at the Guggenheim remains the most visited work in the museum’s history), opened up the idea of art as experience. Walk into one of his Skyspaces or Ganzfelds and it’s clear that the totemic essence of light can be approached as an object. His works also function as metaphysical spaces, which had historically been more readily associated with religious structures that housed art.”

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saturday, august 15

Jane McAdam Freud: Mother Mould” closes at Gazelli Art House 

“Though the simultaneous tenacity and fragility of the chicken wire in her present series is a radical departure from the weight and voice of her previous clay and bronze works, the subject matter remains the same. The forms elude easy classification, gesturing at the similarly subtle, amorphous nature of earthly dramas: the mess of human relationships, the gargantuan projections of desire, the short-sighted wish-fulfillments, and the skewed perspectives of the present.”

Read the full review by Himali Singh Soin.

African Industrial Revolution” closes at Tiwani Contemporary

sunday, august 16

Summer Exhibition 2015,” with work by Julian Opie, Tracey Emin, Grayson Perry, and Ian Davenport, among others, closes at the Royal Academy of Arts 

Tel Aviv

saturday, August 15

Midday Summer Dream,” featuring work by Elyassaf Kowner, Maya Israel, Ami Faytchevitz, and others, closes at Feinberg Projects

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