20 Must-See Shows Closing This Week


New York

Thursday, July 30

Niele Toroni closes at Marian Goodman Gallery

Friday, July 31

JR: UNFRAMED Ellis Island” closes at Galerie Perrotin

Saturday, August 1

THEOREM. You Simply Destroy the Image I Always Had of Myself,” with work by Otto Berchem, Marlon de Azambuja, and Santiago Roose, among others, and curated by Octavio Zaya, closes at Mana Contemporary

“Zaya has brought together an intentionally mixed group of well-known, midcareer, and emerging artists. Issues and ideas are abundant, and not always easy, in this exhibition. And that’s the point. Art requires time and attention—so give and you will receive.”

Sunday, August 2

Philippe Parreno: H {N)Y P N(Y} OSIS” closes at Park Avenue Armory

“Tom Eccles, the ‘consulting curator’ says, ‘[This] idea of a gamelan, which is an Indonesian instrument made out of many different instruments, suddenly does make sense.’

The gamelan is a perfect metaphor for the show, which at first look feels quite bare in the immense space of the Drill Hall. However, when Parreno’s choreography begins (when his gamelan has started), you’re swept up into the hypnotic and sensorial elements of the ensemble and suddenly, the space is heaving with energy.”


Los Angeles

Saturday, August 1

To Hide to Show,” featuring work by Johanna Tagada, Mattea Perrotta, Zoe Crosher, and others, closes at MAMA

T. Kelly Mason closes at Cherry and Martin


San Francisco

Saturday, August 1

Paving the Way: Contemporary Masters,” with work by Christo, David Hockney, Jasper Johns, Robert Rauschenberg, Richard Serra, Bruce Nauman, and others, closes at the San Francisco Gallery



Friday, july 31

Radames ‘Juni’ Figueroa closes at Edel Assanti

Doug Aitken closes at Victoria Miro

“The exhibition sets out to explore contemporary ideas of time as well as place. The crystalline appearance of the text-based works recalls J.G Ballard’s novel The Crystal World, in which time begins a delicious process of arrest. Each letter’s reflective surface captures its surroundings and locks them into a fractured hall of mirrors.”

Ibrahim El-Salahi: Flamenco” closes at Vigo Gallery

“Though his approach to his work is decidedly personal, El-Salahi’s compositions beautifully reflect the internationalism of our times. He merges European abstraction, the traditions of Arabic calligraphy and ornamentation, the colors and crafts of his native Sudan, and his own life experiences to develop striking works that range in scope from celebrations of culture to statements on social injustice.”

saturday, august 1

Ben Woodeson: obstacle” closes at Berloni

sunday, august 2

Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty” closes at the V&A



Friday, July 31

Julije Knifer: The meander is a form of my freedom” closes at Galerie Frank Elbaz 

saturday, august 1

Bruce Nauman: Selected Works From 1967 to 1990” closes at Gagosian Gallery



friday, july 31

Nevin Aladag: Traces” closes at Wentrup

“Aladag frames her personal experience with Stuttgart, where she immigrated as a child and lived during adolescence. The haunting three-channel video installation, set to a soundtrack of city noise amplified by the strains of violins and wind chimes, strikes universal chords related to identity politics, migrant communities, and class dynamics.”

saturday, august 1

o ponto de ebulição | the boiling point,” featuring work by Marilia Furman, Gustavo Speridião, Paulo Nimer Pjota, and Daniel Murgel, among others, closes at PSM

Iain Ball: Terbium Energy Catalyst / Solar Maximum / Hybrid Synergy Drive” closes at Future Gallery

“If the artist takes these New Age phenomena somewhat with a pinch of salt, a focus on the interconnectedness of things is of the utmost importance. Ball’s work is also influenced by object-oriented philosophy, such as Timothy Morton’s theories of “dark ecology” and “hyperobjects.” The artist considers all of his sculptures to be networked, reflecting relationships between the world and its organisms: from rare-earth elements to the electronics that depend on such minerals to the place of humans within the environment.”



friday, july 31

Simon Dybbroe Møller: Buongiorno Signor Courbet” closes at Francesca Minini 


Hong Kong

friday, July 31

Lan Zhenghui: Solo Exhibition” closes at Galerie Du Monde



Sunday, august 2

Qiu Deshu: The Art of Fissuring” closes at Pearl Lam Galleries

“While Qiu, classically trained, uses China’s traditional arts in unexpected ways, he is careful to show his respect for the techniques he uses, and to downplay the connotations of damage his fissure paintings might have. ‘Fission is a kind of subversion and damage,’ he has said, ‘while recreation is my ultimate aim. I want to establish (some new) medium and concept, to help develop art and not to destroy it.’”