23 Must-See Exhibitions Closing This Week

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Aug 26, 2015 7:21PM

Don’t miss these 23 shows closing this week in cities across the globe.

New York

Thursday, August 27

Installation view of “Figure 8” courtesy Clifton Benevento.

Figure 8,” with work by Joshua Citarella and others, closes at Clifton Benevento

“By mining digital image technologies and their various, seemingly magical trappings, New York-based Citarella keeps photography at the crux of his multimedia practice.”

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Friday, August 28


Scott Patt: Bigger. Smaller. Funnier.” closes at Winston Wächter Fine Art

“Every day in 2014, New Hampshire-based artist Scott Patt created a 3-inch-by-4-inch painting as part of a consuming year-long project in pursuit of art grounded in everyday life. ‘I desired a vehicle that was less perfect and with less pretense in order to allow the work to become an extension of my natural self, work that would connect more broadly and deeply to others because of its honesty about the way we live and our experiences on any given day,’ he explains.”

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Nest, 2010
Pace/MacGill Gallery

Back,” featuring work by Viviane Sassen, Susan Paulsen, and Harry Callahan, among others, closes at Pace/MacGill Gallery

Untitled Head I, 1970
Joseph K. Levene Fine Art, Ltd.
Corpse and Mirror (ULAE 169), 1976
Joseph K. Levene Fine Art, Ltd.

POP!,” with work by Jasper Johns, Andy Warhol, Jeff Koons, and Roy Lichtenstein, among others, closes at Joseph K. Levene Fine Art, Ltd.

Jack Pierson: onthisisland” closes at Cheim & Read

“Pierson, who’s worked in a number of mediums—but is perhaps best known for his large text-based sculptures—created hundreds of small paintings and drawings while in isolation on the island... the change of scenery was in part an effort to “get back to the hand” for Pierson, who began his career with exhibitions of intimate line drawings.”

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From the Archives of Bert Stern Part II: On Film” closes at Staley-Wise Gallery

Saturday, August 29

Vessel, 2015
Woven March, 2015

Cristina Camacho: Bilateral Dissections” closes at Praxis

“Camacho’s surfaces twist, protrude, and droop, resembling gaping Venus fly traps, elaborate fractals, or the guts of magical creatures. ‘They’re still very abstract, but there’s also something very figurative in the pieces,’ said Camacho. ‘They became alive—like people that I know, stories that I have, animals, and plants. They became dissections more than constructions.’”

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Sunday, August 30

Tatiana Trouvé, Desire Lines, 2015. A project of the Public Art Fund. Metal, wood, ink, and rope. 137 13/16 x 299 3/16 x 374 inches; 350 x 760 x 950 cm. © Tatiana Trouvé. Courtesy of the artist, Gagosian Gallery, New York, and KÖNIG GALERIE, Berlin. Photography by Emma Cole, courtesy Gagosian Gallery.

Tatiana Trouvé: Desire Lines,” a Public Art Fund installation at Doris C. Freedman Plaza

“Each of Trouvé’s spools incites thought and movement, beckoning pedestrians to enter the park and consider the vast history of their surroundings and the impact of simply moving through space. At the same time, Desire Lines points to the fact that walking is a fundamental, and equalizing, means of transportation in New York. Sometimes you just have to walk.”

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Los Angeles

Saturday, August 29

00:00.00, 2015
Edward Cella Art and Architecture

Constructions,” with work by Adam Berg, Lynn Aldrich, Ball-Nogues Studio, and others, closes at Edward Cella Art and Architecture

Fire Hole Falls 3 C3M3Y2, 2015

Russian Doll,” featuring work by Matthew Brandt, Vanessa Prager, Whitney Hubbs, and Nathaniel Mary Quinn, among others, closes at M+B

Princhiperra, 2015
Koplin Del Rio
Los Dicípulos
Koplin Del Rio

Installation view of “Kim Eull: Why My Drawing Comes from The West,” courtesy Baik Art.

About Face,” featuring work by Dianna Molzan, Diane Simpson, Christina Ramberg, and others, closes at Kayne Griffin Corcoran

San Francisco

Saturday, August 29

Summer Choices,” with work by Wilson Shieh, Chris Ofili, Pat Steir, and others, closes at Crown Point Press

Trigg (Norse, True), 2015
Seager Gray Gallery
Cade (Celtic, Battle), 2013
Seager Gray Gallery
Cari (Turkish, Gentle Stream), 2014
Seager Gray Gallery

Nancy Legge: Personae” closes at Seager Gray Gallery


Sunday, August 30

Installation view of “Fire and Forget. On Violence,” courtesy KW Institute for Contemporary Art.

Fire and Forget. On Violence,” with work by Julius von Bismarck, Chto Delat, Clara Ianni, and others, closes at KW Institute for Contemporary Art

“In a way, this particular piece juxtaposes two of Ianni’s basic drives in the construction of her work: a powerful study on violence and a relentless critique of how the modernist tradition, especially in Brazil, appears to be anchored on amnesiac grounds. It’s as though progress and development depended on a selective kind of memory, one that erases injustices to celebrate monuments erected in their aftermath no matter how brutal the process behind it all.”

Read the full profile of Clara Ianni by Silas Martì.

Tête au Carre, 2003-2011
Contini Art UK
L'Hiver des Forêts, 2014
Contini Art UK

Sophia Vari: Le Désir de la Forme” closes at ContiniArtUK

“As is characteristic of Vari’s work, these sculptures demonstrate the artist’s clear awareness of balance: her pieces teeter between between hard and soft, energetic and slow, loose and specific, classical and contemporary.”

Read the full review by K. Sundberg.


Saturday, August 29

Installation view of “Obect Painting – Painting Object,” courtesy Jonathan Viner.

Object Painting – Painting Object,” featuring work by Leigh Johnson, Amy Yao, and Elias Hansen, among others, closes at Jonathan Viner


saturday, august 29

A Bigger Splash 2, 2015
Dance (III), 2015


Hong Kong

Saturday, August 29

Claudio Parmiggiani closes at Simon Lee Gallery


Sunday, August 30

Installation view of “Du Zhenjung: Babel World,” courtesy Pearl Lam Galleries.

Du Zhenjun: Babel World” closes at Pearl Lam Galleries


Sunday, August 30

Installation view of “Newnewspeak,’’ courtesy Intelligentsia Gallery.

Newnewspeak,” featuring work by Ren Zhitian, Xiao Xiao, and Sara Ludy, among others, closes at Intelligentsia Gallery

Installation view of “William Kentridge: Notes Towards a Model Opera,” courtesy Ullens Center for Contemporary Art.

William Kentridge: Notes Towards a Model Opera” closes at Ullens Center for Contemporary Art

“As such international and cross-cultural references multiplied, the ’90s in many ways also marked the end of national borders around art production and sale. In time-lapse, drawing-based films about apartheid, South-African artist William Kentridge was addressing localized issues, but their universal themes carried his reputation widely across international channels during that decade.”

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