A Field Guide to London’s Frieze Week Openings

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Oct 8, 2015 6:56PM

London’s art scene is vibrant year-round, but as Frieze Week takes over the city, it’s practically bursting. To coincide with the Frieze’s main section and satellite fairs, there are dozens of galleries opening new exhibitions in the coming days—featuring artists that include contemporary up-and-comers and established icons, Eddie Peak, Candida Höfer, and Cy Twombly among them. From trendy Hoxton, to bustling Mayfair, to industrial Peckham, we’ve combed through London’s offerings to bring you a comprehensive guide to everything opening from now till the end of Frieze Week.


Thursday, October 8th

A. “Losing the Compass” opens at White Cube

B. “Let there be light, Revisited,” with works by Anthony Pearson, DeWain Valentine, Mary Corse, and Peter Alexander, opens at Gazelli Art House

C. Rebecca Ward opens at Ronchini Gallery

D. “Nancy Holt: Locators” opens at Parafin

Friday, October 9th

E. Leonardo Drew opens at Vigo Gallery

F. “Oscar Murillo: binary function” opens at David Zwirner

G. Beatriz Olabarrieta opens at MOT International

Saturday, October 10th

H. Cy Twombly inaugurates Gagosian Gallery’s new Mayfair location

Sunday, October 11th

I. “Petites Machines d’Architecture” inaugurates Galerie Patrick Seguin’s new Mayfair location

Monday, October 12th

J. Zhang Ding opens at ICA London

K. Josephine Meckseper opens at Timothy Taylor

L. “Dean Levin: The Box: Swimming Upstream” opens at Pippy Houldsworth Gallery

M. Cornelia Parker opens at Alan Cristea Gallery

N. “Calder: Tapestries and their Gouaches” opens at Omer Tiroche Contemporary Art

O. “Gerhard Richter: Colour Charts” opens at Dominique Lévy 

P. “Thomas Demand: Latent Forms” opens at Sprüth Magers

Q. Heimo Zobernig opens at Simon Lee 

R. “Elmgreen & Dragset: Self-Portraits” opens at Victoria Miro

S. “Grazia Varisco: If.,” curated by Michele Robecchi, opens at Cortesi Gallery

T. “Alighiero e Boetti: A private collection”  opens at Luxembourg & Dayan

U. Jiro Takamatsu opens at Stephen Friedman Gallery

Tuesday, October 13th

V. DeWain Valentine opens at Almine Rech

W. “Candida Höfer: Memory Selected works from The State Hermitage Museum exhibition 2015” opens at Ben Brown Fine Arts

X. “Wilfredo Arcay: Cuban Structures” opens at The Mayor Gallery

Y. “Robert Indiana: Don’t Lose HOPE” opens at Contini Art UK

Z. “Bill Viola: Moving Stillness (Mt. Rainier), 1979” opens at Blain|Southern

Knightsbridge and Westminster


Sunday, October 11th

A. “Then For Now” opens at Delfina Foundation

Thursday, October 15th

B. “Whitney McVeigh: New Ink Paintings” opens at Michael Goedhuis

Fitzrovia and Bloomsbury

Thursday, October 8th

A. “Marianna Gioka: Landscape” opens at rosenfeld porcini

Friday, October 9th

B. “The Body as Language: Women and Performance,” curated by Paola Ugolini, opens at Richard Saltoun Gallery

C. “Yoshinori Niwa: Historically Historic Historical History of Communism” and “Gordon Cheung: The Abyss Stares Back” open at Edel Assanti

D. “Simon Callery: FLAT PAINTINGS” opens at FOLD

E. Anna Blessman and Peter Saville opens at Paul Stolper Gallery

Monday, October 12th

F. Jamie Jenkinson opens at Evelyn Yard

G. “Ian Cheng: Emissary Forks at Perfection” opens at Pilar Corrias Gallery

H. “Erika Verzutti: Two Eyes, Two Mouths” opens at Alison Jacques Gallery

Thursday, October 15th

I. “Olga de Amaral: Alchemist” opens at Rook & Raven 

Friday, October 16th

J. “JR: Crossing” opens at Lazarides


Thursday, October 8th

A. Zabludowicz Collection opens its Daata Editions Lounge, along with the first major U.K. solo exhibitions of Jon Rafman and Charles Richardson

B. “Points of Contact” opens at Cob Gallery

Kings Cross, Islington, and Clerkenwell

Friday, October 9th

A. “Eddie Peake: The Forever Loop” opens at Barbican Art Gallery

Monday, October 12th

B. Jonas Wood opens at Gagosian Gallery

C. “Mark Flood: American Buffet Upgrade” opens at Modern Art

Wednesday, October 14th

D. “Spencer Sweeney: Professor George” opens at Tramps

E. “Charles Avery: Parasolstice - Winter Light 2015” opens at Parasol unit

Dalston, Hoxton, and Shoreditch

Friday, October 9th

A. Hannah Perry opens at Seventeen

B. “Russell Marshall: Lennon ’74” opens at Beautiful Crime Gallery

Wednesday, October 14th

C. “Marcus Coates: A Question of Movement” opens at Kate MacGarry

Friday, October 16th

D. “Bernard Cohen : About Now” opens at Flowers

Bethnal Green and Whitechapel

Thursday, October 8th

A. “Phoebe Unwin: Distant People and Self-Soothing Objects” opens at Wilkinson

Friday, October 9th

B. “Stuart Middleton: The Gonks” opens at Carlos/Ishikawa

C. “LAURA ELDRET : GOTAS” opens at Annka Kultys

D. “Brad Grievson, Peter Gidal” opens at Supplement

Saturday, October 10th

E. “Mark Peter Wright: I, the Thing in the Margins” opens at IMT Gallery

Monday, October 12th

F. “Liam Gillick: The Thought Style Meets the Thought Collective” opens at Maureen Paley

Wednesday, October 14th

G. Sara VanDerBeek opens at The Approach 

H. “Daniel Lefcourt: Anti-Scans” opens at Campoli Presti

I. “Falke Pisano: The value in mathematics” opens at Hollybush Gardens


Friday, October 9th

A. “Gabriel Hartley, Asger Dybvad Larsen, Camilla Steinum” opens at Rod Barton

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