A Field Guide to NYC’s Biggest Week of Gallery Openings


Wednesday, September 9th

Lower East Side

A. “: Time to Speak a Human Language” opens at Garis & Hahn
B. “: Maparntjarra” opens at Salon 94

Chrystie Street
C. opens at Lehmann Maupin
D. “: Amazons” opens at CRG Gallery
E. “: Iconophilia” opens at The Lodge Gallery

Freeman Alley
F. “: Dear Tea Bowl”  opens at Salon 94

Rivington Street
G. “Julia Bland: If You Want To Be Free” opens at On Stellar Rays

Forsyth Street
J. “: Tall Tales” opens at Steven Harvey Fine Art Projects
K. “Future Fossils,” curated by Yulia Topchiy and Tess Thackara and with works by , , and Molly Smith, among others, opens at Dutton
L. “: New Paintings” opens at Hionas Gallery

Stanton Street
M. “: Two & Two” opens at 247365

Grand Street
O. opens at Marc Straus
P. “: Come, Sweet Death” opens at Shin Gallery

Orchard Street
Q. “: Untitled (debris)” opens at Louis B. James
R. “Keun Young Park: From There” opens at Muriel Guépin Gallery
S. “ & Salon de Mass-Age” opens at 66 Orchard
T. “: SUPRA Novali” opens at Pablo’s Birthday
U. “Elise Freda: The Continuing Line” opens at Causey Contemporary

Broome Street

Ludlow Street
W. opens at MINI/Goethe-Institut Curatorial Residencies Ludlow 38

Norfolk Street
X. “: Advances, None Miraculous” opens at Thierry Goldberg Gallery

Clinton Street

Chelsea & Uptown

19th Street
A. “ with Hart of Gold and Oldd News: September Spring” opens at The Kitchen

20th Street
B. “: Energy & Abstraction” opens at David Zwirner

57th Street
C. “: Two Suns” opens at Marian Goodman Gallery;  “: Building Absence: New Paintings” opens at 57 STUX + Haller Gallery

Fifth Avenue
D. “: Conversations with the Dead | Vintage Prints” opens at Edwynn Houk Gallery
E. “Global Citizen: The Architecture of ” opens at National Academy Museum & School

66th Street
F. “The Avant-Garde Won’t Give Up: Cobra and its Legacy” opens at Blum & Poe

Madison Avenue
G. “: God is a Stranger” opens at Galerie Perrotin; “: Autobiography of a Line” opens at Dominique Lévy
H. “: Pablo and Efrain” opens at Venus Over Manhattan

73rd Street
I. “: Degree of Tilt” opens at Van Doren Waxter

78th Street
J. “: In His Time” opens at Mnuchin Gallery


“Drift and Pop,” with work by , , and , opens at Orgy Park


Thursday, September 10th

Chelsea (below 23rd Street)

18th Street
A. “: Fight in an Elevator” opens at Petzel Gallery
B. opens at Hauser & Wirth

Tenth Avenue between 18th Street and 19th Street
C.“: Access” opens at Alexander and Bonin
D. “: Paintings” opens at Lori Bookstein Fine Art

19th Street
E. opens at Koenig & Clinton
F. “koosil-ja / danceKUMIKO: I am capitalism” opens at The Kitchen
G. “: Deep Fried Ghost” opens at Jane Lombard Gallery

20th Street
H. “: Congeries” opens at Zieher Smith & Horton
I. “: Painted Sculpture” opens at Anton Kern Gallery
K. “: Pardon the Interruption, Please.” opens at Kim Foster Gallery
L. “: Perspective Anew” opens at Flowers
M. “: Corners, Barriers and Corridors” opens at David Zwirner
N. “ & : wave, particle, string” opens at Elizabeth Dee

21st Street
O. opens at Tanya Bonakdar Gallery
P. opens at Paula Cooper Gallery
Q. “: Fort Worth” opens at Skarstedt Gallery

22nd Street
R. “: Compass” opens at Danese/Corey
S. “: Five O’Clock Shadow” opens at Matthew Marks Gallery
V.  opens at Sikkema Jenkins & Co.
W. “: flowers, nudes and birch trees: New Paintings 2015” opens at Lehmann Maupin
X. “Kazuko Inoue: Thirty Years of Painting” opens at Allan Stone Projects
Y. “The Long Goodbye” and “Selena Kimball: Night Vision” open at Morgan Lehman Gallery
Z. “: Sculpture + Drawing” opens at Carolina Nitsch

Chelsea (23rd Street to 26th Street)

23rd Street
A. opens at Danziger Gallery
B. “: Embodied Energies” opens at Asya Geisberg Gallery
C. “, Nava Lubelski, , : Vibrations” opens at Margaret Thatcher Projects

Tenth Avenue between 24th Street and 25th Street
D. “: Facades” opens at Yossi Milo Gallery

24th Street
G. “ in Japan” opens at Matthew Marks Gallery
H. “: Heavy Painting” opens at Mike Weiss Gallery
I. “: The Humiliations” opens at Unix Gallery
K. “: Paintings” and “, Lukas Geronimas, , Cole Sayer Continuous Surfaces” opens at Andrea Rosen Gallery
L. “: Sculpture” opens at Luhring Augustine
M. “: Semi-Automatic” opens at Bruce Silverstein Gallery
N. “: Greene Street Mural” opens at Gagosian Gallery

25th Street
P. “: λόγος” opens at Cheim & Read

26th Street
Q. “Richard Haines A Room of One's Own” opens at Daniel Cooney Fine Art
R. opens at Fergus McCaffrey 514 West 26th Street
S. “: 1955-1969” opens at Friedman Benda
T. “: Accidental Poet (The Avoidance of Everything)” and “: Coyote Ugly” open at Albertz Benda
U. “: Encouble” and “Fernand Fonssagrives: Light Perspectives” open at Benrubi Gallery
V. “: Salad Days” opens at Ana Cristea Gallery
W. “: Gardening at Night” opens at Robert Mann Gallery
X. “Cedric Nunn: Unsettled: One Hundred Years War of Resistance by Xhosa…” opens at David Krut Projects; “, , and Mame-Diarra Niang: The Lay of the Land” opens at The Walther Collection Project Space
Y. “: Re:Mine” opens at Galerie Lelong

Chelsea (above 26th Street)

27th Street
A. “: Skirting the Issue” opens at Casey Kaplan
B. “: Fields,” “: Shape as Form,” and “: Celestial Tales” open at Paul Kasmin Gallery
C. opens at Derek Eller Gallery
D. “: Rainy Day People” opens at Foxy Production

28th Street
F. “: Pareidolia” opens at Joseph Gross Gallery

Tenth Avenue and 36th Street


57th Street
A. “ and : Photographs and Drawings” opens at Pace/MacGill Gallery
B. “: One World Trade Center” opens at Peter Blum Gallery; “ and Anna Iris Lüneman: Double Mix” opens at Laurence Miller Gallery

Fifth Avenue
C. “: Montages 1963 - 2015” and “: Paintings on Paper” open at Tibor De Nagy

Madison Avenue

77th Street
E. “: Works 1965-2013” opens at Michael Werner

82nd Street
F. opens at Galerie Buchholz


Varick Street
A. “: Recent Works” opens at Geary

Wooster Street
B. “: FREEDOM, MOTHERFUCKER. DO YOU SPEAK IT?” opens at Team Gallery

Grand Street
C. “: Kerckhoffs’ Principle” opens at Team Gallery
D. “: further.evolves.” opens at Peter Freeman

Mercer Street
E. “Bruce Dorfman: Recent Work” opens at June Kelly Gallery

Broome Street
F. Alicia McCarthy opens at Jack Hanley Gallery
G. “: Headpaintings // Kopfbilder” opens at Nicelle Beauchene Gallery
H. “Javier Calleja” opens at Castor Gallery

Orchard Street
I. “: Lovers among Lilacs” opens at Kerry Schuss
J. “The Line Between: Ben Morea Paintings of The Early ’90s” opens at 33 Orchard

9th Street
K. “Martha Cooper, : Kids” opens at Dorian Grey Gallery


Friday, September 11th


Eldridge Street

Lispenard Street

C. “: Crescent to Cross” opens at Sperone Westwater

Vandam Street
D.  “: Rubedo” opens at Kate Werble Gallery

13th Street
E. Uman, Willa Nasatir, Matt Damhave, and Silvianna Goldsmith open at White Columns

25th Street
F. “: Recent Work” opens at Pace Gallery

26th Street
G. “’s Life Story in Just Under 20 Minutes” opens at Fergus McCaffrey

Madison Avenue
H. “: Möbelskulpturen/Furniture Works” opens at Gagosian Gallery


North 9th Street

Ten Eyck Street
B. Xiao Fu and open at Storefront Ten Eyck

Johnson Street
C. “Andrew Ross: Dog Chases Rabbit” opens at SIGNAL

Ingraham Street
D. “: New Mistress vs. Old Athenians” and “Maker Marks,” curated by Alex Gingrow and , open at Temporary Storage

Bogart Street
E. opens at Robert Henry Contemporary; “: SHIFT: The Angle Of History” opens at STUDI0; Alicia Gibson, , , and opens at Life on Mars; “, Nora Maite Nieves, and Courtney Puckett: Where the Heart is” opens at Fresh Window; “Dan Voinea: Absently Yours” opens at Slag Gallery; “Jesse Harrod: Low Ropes Course” opens at NURTUREart Gallery; “Really, Socialism!?,” with works by , among others, opens at Momenta Art

Cook Street
F. “, Alex Paik, : Seeing Sound” opens at ODETTA


Saturday, September 12th


Hudson Street

Rivington Street
B. “: Ambiguous Warmth” opens at KANSAS

Mercer Street

D. “: Stoic Youth” opens at The Hole
E. “: Teen Factory” opens at Simone Subal Gallery

Broome Street
F. “: A Fall of Corners” opens at CANADA
H. Clement Siatous Sagren opens at Simon Preston

Forsyth Street
I. “: Slow Drag in Margaritaville” and open at Lyles & King

Delancey Street
J. opens at James Fuentes
K. Edward Cabral and “ & Danny McDonald: Emotional Ornament” open at D’agostino & Fiore

Eldridge Street
L. “Megan Cump: ATOMS / STONES” opens at Station Independent Projects
M. opens at Essex Street

Grand Street
N. “: Black Glass” opens at Miguel Abreu Gallery
O. “: AN ON MO SA NS” opens at Feuer/Mesler

Orchard Street
P. opens at ROOM EAST
Q. “: Image Objects” opens at Mesler/Feuer

Ludlow Street
R. opens at Klaus von Nichtssagend Gallery

Hester Street
T. “: Almost a Kiss” opens at Tracy Williams Ltd.

Norfolk Street
V. Caitlin Keogh opens at Maryam Nassir Zadeh, presented by Lisa Cooley

Suffolk Street
W. Dan Herschlein The Enthusiast opens at JTT

Stanton Street
X. “: Artists - Recent Photographs from My S/L Series” opens at Kai Matsumiya

Madison Street
Y. “Leah Beeferman: Strong Force” opens at Rawson Projects

Spring Street


17th Street
A. “Two Serious Ladies: and Jennifer Montgomery” opens at Murray Guy

19th Street

21st Street
C. and “The Xerox Book,” with works by , , , , , , open at Paula Cooper Gallery

22nd Street
D. “: Chance and Fate: Photographic Sculpture and Installations” opens at Leslie Tonkonow Artworks + Projects

24th Street

25th Street
F. “War Games” and “: Die Laughing” open at Marlborough

27th Street


Sunday, September 13th


Great Jones Street
A. and open at KARMA

Houston Street
B. “: Negative Space” opens at PARTICIPANT INC

Allen Street

Eldridge Street
D. “: Lesbian Whale: Early Drawings and Paintings” opens at Company

Chrystie Street
E. opens at Eli Ping Frances Perkins

Orchard Street
F. Tema Stauffer Paterson opens at Sasha Wolf Gallery
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