The Artsy Podcast, No. 39: What Happens When Art Threatens the President

Artsy Editorial
Jun 22, 2017 11:01PM

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Is it illegal to kill the president in an artwork?

That’s what we wondered in May, when we saw first saw Alaskan assistant professor Thomas Chung’s painting that depicted actor Chris Evans holding Donald Trump’s severed head. And over the past few weeks, that question has taken on renewed significance with a series of creative works imagining Trump’s demise, from a Kathy Griffin photoshoot to a performance of Julius Caesar by New York’s Public Theater.

On this episode, we’re joined by New York University law professor Amy Adler to break down the limits of free speech in art—and answer one of Donald Trump Jr.’s tweets in the process.

This podcast is hosted by Artsy Associate Editor Isaac Kaplan, joined for this edition by Amy Adler and Deputy Editor Scott Indrisek. It was produced by Editorial Associate Abigail Cain.

Intro music: “Something Elated” by Broke For Free

Cover image: Thomas Chung, Everything. Image courtesy of the artist

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