Banksy teased a new online store with a London pop-up installation.

Wallace Ludel
Oct 1, 2019 4:01PM, via BBC

The interior of the Banksy store in Croydon. Photo via Banksy on Instagram.

A storefront on Surrey Street in London’s Croydon neighborhood was turned into a guerilla exhibition space overnight by the famed British street artist Banksy. The display is titled “Gross Domestic Product” and was confirmed as the genuine article via the artist’s Instagram on Tuesday morning. This latest intervention comes only two days before a massive painting by the artist may break his auction record across town at Sotheby’s London auction house.

The Croydon pop-up features, among other items, the vest that Banksy designed for the rapper Stormzy, Tony the Tiger depicted as an area rug, and a cradle surrounded by security cameras. Per the artist’s Instagram post, the pop-up does seem to actually have items for sale, despite having no entrance. The final image posted by the artist on Instagram is a note that teases a forthcoming online marketplace and explains the reason for the store thusly:

This shop has come about as a result of legal action. A greeting cards company are trying to sieze [sic] legal custody of the name Banksy from the artist, who has been advised the best way to prevent this is to sell his own range of branded merchandise.
So here it is—we hope to offer something for everyone, prices start from £10 but availability will be limited—all of these products are hand made in the UK using existing or recycled materials whenever possible. Including the ideas.

The artist seems to have set up a website——in connection with the storefront. It seems likely that, based on the foreshadowing Instagram note, items will soon be for sale here.

Wallace Ludel