Banksy’s newest mural in Bristol has been vandalized.

Daria Simone Harper
Feb 18, 2020 5:59PM, via The Guardian

A recent mural created by artist Banksy, was vandalized just days after it appeared on a wall in Bristol, England, according to The Guardian. An image surfaced on social media showing the phrase “BCC Wankers” scrawled across the artwork, which illustrates a child launching a slingshot of roses. Though the meaning of the phrase is unclear, there has been speculation on internet forums and Twitter that the acronym stands for ‘Bristol City Council.’

An Instagram post from Banksy on February 14th confirmed that the artist was responsible for the mural. Bristol residents spotted the artwork, which many believe to be an ode to Valentine’s Day, early Thursday morning.

The mural appeared on a rented home that is owned by Edwin Simons. His daughter, who found out about the artwork by being tagged in a Facebook post, expressed concerns that the painting may be harmed by the powerful Atlantic Storm Dennis that slammed the U.K. According to The Guardian, one local resident who saw the vandalized work said: “It’s a real shame, but it was always going to happen, unfortunately.”

Daria Simone Harper