Established and Emerging Artists in Conversation at miart 2015

Artsy Editorial
Apr 11, 2015 9:16PM

A curated section at miart opens up new possibilities between modern masters and prominent young artists.

In a hyperconnected world focused on recent trends and information—and the art world is no exception—cutting-edge contemporary art can often seem disconnected from established, modern works of art. The THENnow section of miart 2015 aims to delve into this question by curatorial intervention, presenting pairs of work by established and emerging artists alongside one another to create dialogues between tradition and experimentation. The curators have selected 18 artists to participate in the project, setting the stage for creative conversation and inspiration across generations. Differences and similarities in practice make room for fresh interpretations for artists and art lovers alike—you can see a selection from the exhibition here.

Untitled (Deep Blue), 2010
Monica De Cardenas
Artsy Editorial