The Artsy Podcast, No. 77: Exploring the Art Market's Best (and Worst) Practices

Artsy Editorial
May 9, 2018 7:51PM

Artsy’s team of editors takes you behind the scenes of the best stories in art.

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The United States House of Representatives is considering expanding the Bank Secrecy Act in order to make galleries and auction houses subject to federal regulation. And the entire art market is buzzing. But the rules of the art market aren’t always written by the government. Last month, the Art Business Conference hosted a panel discussion on Art Basel’s “Art Market Principles and Best Practices,” a set of internal regulations governing the conduct of galleries participating in the fair

This week, we bring you audio of that panel, along with a brief introduction. The discussion was moderated by Artsy Executive Editor Alexander Forbes and featured art advisor Elizabeth Szancer, gallerist Stefania Bortolami, and art lawyer Jo Backer Laird.

Artsy Editorial

The introduction to this podcast was hosted by Artsy Associate Editor Isaac Kaplan, joined by Executive Editor Alexander Forbes. This episode was produced by Louis Sansano with assistance from Surya Tubach.

Intro music: “Something Elated” by Broke For Free

Cover image: Daniel Greene, Frankenthaler’s Flood, 2015.