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Fine art majors are less employable than high school dropouts, a new study says.

Nate Freeman
Sep 11, 2018 4:54PM, via Bankrate

Students at the Art League School. Photo by George, via Wikimedia Commons.

Bad news for those who go to college and find they have the passion to pursue a fine art degree. A study by Bankrate found that among U.S. college graduates, those who major in “miscellaneous fine arts” have an unemployment rate of 9.1 percent, the absolute highest of all 162 majors ranked.

The site Zero Hedge noted that an unemployment figure that high means it’s more likely for someone without a high school degree to get a job than someone who graduates from college majoring in fine arts—the U.S. unemployment rate for high school dropouts is 5.7 percent. Zero Hedge added that those who do find a job have what’s among the lowest average incomes among the majors surveyed—$40,855—and are likely to have a significant amount of student debt to pay off.

The Bankrate study noted that those who do find a job with a degree in fine arts often become art teachers, music contractors, craft artists, and illustrators, citing data from the job matching site Sokanu.

Nate Freeman
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