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For the latest installment of her ongoing project “Nomadic Studio Practice,” Dawn Kasper brought the contents of her studio—including art supplies, work tables, a drumset, loudspeakers, and a couch—to the Venice Biennale’s Central Pavilion. There, she will perform for the entire six-month duration of the Biennale. Titled The Sun, The Moon, and The Stars, the performance is the longest iteration of the project since its appearance at the Whitney Biennial in 2012, which lasted for three months.

“Ultimately, I’m trying to prepare myself to be in the moment,” said Kasper in the weeks leading up to Venice. “I’m rehearsing like you would a dance move, for a big six-month show or theater. I’m learning my lines.”

Enter “Viva Arte Viva” on any given day, and you’ll come across Kasper making art, performing music with friends, interacting with exhibition visitors, or meditating—thereby providing a window into the sometimes mystifying, and often mythologized, life and work of an artist. “It’s like having permanent house guests for six months,” says Kasper. “But I’m not in my own home, and there’s all different kinds of people from all over the world that appreciate that I don’t necessarily have an endgame here—but let’s have fun along the way.”

Cover photo by Jarrard Cole.

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Featuring Dawn Kasper

Produced by Scenic

Production Team for Scenic:

Gary Hustwit, Maya Tippett, Jarrard Cole, Lucy Raven, Enrico Lenarduzzi

Production Team for Artsy:

Marina Cashdan, Head of Editorial and Creative Director

Owen Dodd, Designer

Demie Kim, Assistant Project Manager

Alexxa Gotthardt, Staff Writer

Sound mix: Mike Frank

Colorist: Sandy Patch

Music: Arp

Presented in collaboration with UBS.

Jun 23, 2017 4:00am
About the Series
Artsy and UBS take you inside the 57th Venice Biennale. Experience the world’s most important art exhibition through a series of 360° films produced Scenic.