The Artsy Podcast, No. 76: How Is the Internet Impacting Creativity and the Arts?

Artsy Editorial
Apr 25, 2018 6:05PM

Artsy’s team of editors takes you behind the scenes of the best stories in art.

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For most of us, the following scenarios probably sound familiar: you’re supposed to be focusing on an important task, but instead you’re distracted by Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook; or, you’re in a museum full of art but still find yourself glued to your iPhone. This week on the Artsy Podcast, we tackle the question of how creativity and the arts are being impacted by the digital age. On one hand, we’re constantly fending off distraction; on the other, the internet has created amazing new tools for viewing art and helping artists get their work funded.

Artsy Editorial

This podcast is hosted by Artsy Associate Editor Isaac Kaplan, joined for this edition by Editor Casey Lesser, and Deputy Editor Scott Indrisek. This episode was produced by Louis Sansano with assistance from Surya Tubach.

Intro music: “Something Elated” by Broke For Free

Cover image: Katherine Bernhardt, Sharpies, Dell, Nikes, Toilet Paper, 2015.