• Opening Tonight in New York

    Don’t leave home without our street-by-street guide to the exhibitions opening tonight in Chelsea, downtown, and uptown.


    20th Street

    A. “ME: Photographic Self Portraits,” featuring work by Constantin BrâncușiImogen CunninghamBastienne Schmidt, and others, opens at Ricco/Maresca Gallery

    A. “Aminah Brenda Lynn Robinson (1940-2015): A Memorial Exhibition” opens at ACA Galleries

    A. “PAINTING before, after,” with work by Daniel Dezeuze and Aaron Bobrow, curated by Alex Bacon, opens at Paul Rodgers/9W Gallery

    23rd Street

    B. “Jan Larson: Market Makers” opens at Hoerle-Guggenheim Gallery

    24th Street

    C. “Ofri Cnaani: Wrong Tools” opens at Andrea Meislin Gallery

    D. Dan Christensen: A Retrospective opens at Berry Campbell

    E. Maureen Gallace opens at 303 Gallery

    25th Street

    F. “Pouran Jinchi: Black & Blue” opens at Leila Heller Gallery

    G. “Awol Erizku: New Flower | Images of the Reclining Venus” and “Surface Tension” open at The Flag Art Foundation

    H. “Enigmatic Visions” and “Masters of the Imagination: The Latin American Fine Art Exhibition” open at Agora Gallery

    J. “Moon LEE: Chance of Choice” and “Yoko Sakai: Fukushima” open at Able Fine Art

    K. “Nigel Cooke: Black Mimosa” opens at Pace Gallery

    26th Street

    L. “Dona Nelson: New Paintings” opens at Thomas Erben Gallery

    M. “Nuevos Colores” opens at Robert Miller Gallery

    N. “Shepard Fairey: On Our Hands” opens at Jacob Lewis Gallery

    O. “Jill Freedman: Long Stories Short” and “Leo Rubinfien: The City Beside You, The City Inside You” open at Steven Kasher Gallery

    29th Street

    P. “Michel Auder: Everybody Knows” opens at Martos Gallery

    Downtown / Uptown

    A. Beyond Myth opens at Cheryl Hazan Contemporary Art 

    B. “Georges Rousse: Éloge des Lieux” opens at Sous Les Etoiles Gallery

    C. “Martine Syms: Vertical Elevated Oblique” opens at Bridget Donahue

    D. “Luther Price: The Dry Remains” opens at Callicoon Fine Arts

    E. “Elizabeth Turk: Tensions” opens at Hirschl & Adler Modern

    F. “Reuben Nakian: The Divine Female Form” opens at Rosenberg & Co.

    G. “Alberto Burri: Grafica” opens at Luxembourg & Dayan

    H. “Agostino Bonalumi: Paintings and Drawings” opens at Barbara Mathes Gallery

    J. “Bard Graduate Center Gallery: Swedish Wooden Toys” and “Revisions—Zen for Film” open at Bard Graduate Center Gallery

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