Art Market

Survey Demographics and Methodology

Sep 23, 2019 5:42PM

To download a PDF of the complete report, click here.

Conducted in May 2019, Artsy’s survey generated responses from a wide range of art buyers. In order to qualify for the survey, respondents had to be subscribed to Artsy’s emails and have an active Artsy account.

We received a total of 5,807 complete responses from users. The final sample used for this report included the 3,993 of those respondents who reported buying at least one artwork annually and/or who identified a specific budget level for their art purchases in any of the past 3 years. To improve the representativeness of the sample, artists were excluded from the analysis, bringing the sample down to 3,638. A survey respondent was determined to be an “online art collector” if they reported having purchased art online in the past.

In addition to the survey, 17 interviews were conducted with survey respondents to deepen our understanding of the data.


This survey represents responses from art collectors in 99 countries. However, over half of responses (53%) came from U.S.–based collectors.

The non-artist art collectors surveyed, 63.7% had purchased art online in the past, 33.7% had not, and 2.6% were unsure. These collectors broke down across the following demographic groups:


  • 47.9% male
  • 47.5% female
  • 1.3% as non-binary
  • 3.3% declined to answer.


  • 8% 18–24
  • 23.8% 25–34
  • 20.7% 35–44
  • 17.9% 45–54
  • 15.7% 55–64
  • 13.9% 65+

Net worth

  • 8.26% $5 million+
  • 23.2% $1 million–$4.99 million
  • 36.2% $100,000–$999,999
  • 32.4% <$100,000

This report was prepared by Alexander Forbes. The survey was prepared and fielded by Elizabeth Derby with data analysis by Ani Petrov.