How to watch our 360º videos

Artsy Editorial
May 3, 2017 4:26PM

Experience our 360º content on your phone or computer, with or without a virtual reality viewer.


  • Connect to WiFi to avoid data charges.
  • Find our 360º content at For the optimal viewing experience, watch the video on the YouTube app.
  • Press play and hit the ➿ icon.
  • Insert your phone into the viewer and explore in all directions.

Cardboard Assembly Instructions

With a headset

  • Gear VR: Connect your Oculus account with your Facebook and save the video(s) you would like to watch on Artsy’s Facebook page. Install and open the Facebook 360 app in Oculus. Select the Saved tab. Press play on your saved videos.
  • Daydream: On a Daydream-ready phone, open the YouTube app and search for “Artsy.” Select the 360º category below the search menu to see the latest 360º videos from Venice.

On mobile web

  • Make sure you’re running the latest version of your browser.
  • Connect to WiFi to avoid data charges.
  • Navigate to
  • Press play. Move your phone or swipe your finger over the screen to explore in all directions.

On desktop

  • Open on the latest version of Chrome (recommended), Firefox, or Safari. If you have trouble loading the video, go to your browser’s advanced settings and make sure you have checked the setting called “Use hardware acceleration when available.”
  • Press play. Click and drag your mouse over the video to explore in all directions.
Artsy Editorial