2020 ART TAIPEI the 27th Taipei International Art Fair Officially Opened on 22 October

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Oct 23, 2020 1:01PM

2020 ART TAIPEI the 27th Taipei International Art Fair Officially Opened on 22 October. Art for the Next is fearless of the difficulties in creating the perfection.

2020 ART TAIPEI was officially opened on 22 October at Taipei World Trade Center Exhibition Hall 1. The Vice President of Republic of China, Lai Ching-te; Premier of the Executive Yuan, Su Tseng-chang; Minister of Culture, Li Yong-de; Vice President of the Legislative Yuan, Tsai Chi-chang; Chairperson of the Taiwan Art Gallery Association, Chung Ching-hsin; and President of Taipei World Trade Center Co., LTD., Chuang Suo-hang, were all in attendance and launched the opening ceremony for the five-day art fair.

The Chairperson of the Taiwan Art Gallery Association, Chung Ching-hsin expressed: 2020 ART TAIPEI is still being held under difficult circumstances, and appreciation need to be extended to the government for its efforts in prevention and the public’s self-discipline in creating the environment that allowed the event to take place. This year I promote policies that combine the four major sectors: the industry, government, academia, and collectors, and also brought in NPOs in the art sector to complete the art ecology chain. ART TAIPEI is a grand event in the art circle, and I hope that one day it will become a grand event for all. This year’s ART TAIPEI came to being through everyone’s joint efforts, and should be the pride of all Taiwanese.

The Minister of Culture, Li Yong-de reported: The Ministry of Culture has listed visual art as a key focus. The long proposed “separate taxation for auction of artworks” from the art and cultural industries has been decided on and the relevant law is in the amendment stage. It is hoped that the art related legislations can match international standards and help establish an environment for developing visual art. The Ministry of Culture this year has also worked with the Council of Indigenous Peoples to showcase features of cultural and creative diversity. The Minister hopes that ART TAIPEI not only become the most important art fair in Asia, but also will become the most influential expo in the world in the future.

Vice President of the Legislative Yuan, Tsai Chi-chang indicated: Friends in need are friends indeed. Under the circumstances of serious COVID-19 pandemic, the President offered a message of congratulation, while the Vice President and Premier expressed their supports, thus indicating that ART TAIPEI being held on schedule is actually quite an extraordinary feat. He wished that Taiwan could rediscover its cultural position in the world in the current waves of the pandemic.

The Premier of the Executive Yuan, Su Tseng-chang believes: 27 years of ART TAIPEI without any interruption means that Taiwan is a blessed island in this chaotic time. This is the result and blessing that came from everyone’s effort. Premier also stated humorously that he also worked as an art assistant. When he was unemployed, he washed the paintbrushes for his artist wife. He is also highly envious of the total concentration artists put into creating art. He delivered his well wishes to all the artists in Taiwan to create beautiful artworks and to make Taiwan more beautiful.

The Vice President of the Republic of China, Lai Ching-te stated: The world is severely affected by the current pandemic, but TAGA has not been defeated, demonstrating with concrete actions to support art and its development. He also indicated his appreciation to the organizer, TAGA, at the event, and expected TAGA to continue to promote art and cultivate culture. He expressed that three features of ART TAIPEI this year: high class artworks in the fair; connecting with the world through the Artsy collaboration; and encouraging young artists and the display of diverse cultures. At the same time, he also complimented the Art Education Day which is a collaboration between ART TAIPEI and the Ministry of Education, and stressed Art Education Day allows students access to art, which has a positive and profound impact on Taiwan’s future. Last but not least, he offered encouragements by saying that the pandemic prevention is still going and we cannot relax; it is the same for art, and we have to all move together, to take art to the next.

Before the opening this year, ART TAIPEI was honored with the gold award at Taiwan MICE Awards, and the event’s official opening comes with an appreciation to people in Taiwan for their cautious and meticulous attitude towards pandemic prevention. Also in this difficult time, ART TAIPEI hopes to comfort people with art through its warm and sincere power. With important international art events almost coming to a standstill around the world, ART TAIPEI is looking back at Taiwan, the local aesthetics, and is hoping to drive the aesthetic trend in Taiwan and to foster more profound energy for art collection.

Fair Info

Public Days

14:00-19:00 Friday 23 October, 2020

11:00-19:00 Saturday 24 October, 2020

11:00-19:00 Sunday 25 October, 2020

11:00-18:00 Monday 26 October, 2020

Venue: Taipei World Trade Center, Exhibition Hall 1 (No.5, Xin-Yi Road, Sec. 5, Xin-Yi Dist. Taipei)

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