2020 ART TAIPEI: Special Exhibition

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Oct 16, 2020 7:43AM

ART TAIPEI is widely regarded as one of most important art fairs in Asia connecting the forefront of art to the world. It has been held by Taiwan Art Gallery Association since 1992 and leading Asian art market by featuring 20th- and 21st-century art in Asia with diverse art forms. Taiwan is famous for its central position in East Asia with advantage to bridge Northeast Asia and the Southeast. In October of every year, ART TAIPEI serves as a hub for the art world in Asia, gathering collectors, galleries, artists and art enthusiasts to discover, collect and inspire new dialogues in visual arts.



Foreign Country/Homeland: A Special Exhibition of South East Asian Artists Who Studied in Taiwan During the Post War Period

“Those Countries• My Home- the Post-War Southeast Asian Artists in Taiwan Special Exhibition” is curating the works created by overseas Chinese students who studied in Taiwan in the late 1950s, demonstrating how after these overseas students came to Taiwan, they took the energy from Taiwan back to their homes and let it flourish, to blossom there.

Choong Kam Kow, SEA THRU-The Spirit of Stripes, Acrylic colour and mixed media on canvas, 152.5x152.5x10cm, 1974

TAN Yee Hong, The Coming of the Space Age, spray paint, 122x122.2cm1987

“Art for the Next– Taiwan Collectors’ Collection Exhibition”

Early in 2018, Taiwan Art Gallery Association Chairperson, CHUNG Ching-Hsin, announced the founding of the Taiwan Collectors Association. In 2020, the Taiwan Collectors’ Collection Exhibition echoes the English theme, Art for the Next, which further enhances the compatibility between these four major sectors, industry, government, academia and collectors, in the art ecology chain by exhibiting collectors’ artworks.

Georg Baselitz, Man steht Vor Einer Schwarzen Wand, Oil on canvas, 305 x 209 cm, 2015

Antoni Tapies, Original Work, Painting on cardboard, Size 74 x 104.5 cm, 2003

International Public Art: Kohei Nawa’s world famous artwork, Throne, previously on exhibit at the Louvre Pyramid

Kohei Nawa’s artwork, Throne, will be exhibited at ART TAIPEI. This installation was presented at Japonismes 2018 inside the Louvre Pyramid. The golden throne floating at the center of pyramid triggers man’s contemplation of the system of authority that has been in replace since the beginning of civilization, and also the possibility of the future.

Kohei Nawa, Throne, Mixed Media, 155.2x72.6x49.5cm, 2019

Art Screening Room-Deepest Uprising

Explorative documentaries as an aesthetic format, a group of highly representative female poets in Asia. Those female poets in the changing society are shown to break free from various restraints and the formation of a new literature movement in Asia and a world rich in thoughts.

Huang MingChuan, Deepest Uprising, 77mins, 2020

Visualizing the City

Taipei 101 is ubiquitous in the cit. Standing in the Taipei 101 observatory, at top of the city, layers of the urban landscape, crooked and straight, just unfolds in front of your eyes,. The people’s urban memory at that moment shapes the imagined community viewing the city from 101 while gazing at 101 from within the city. The parallax, panorama, coordinates and mirror images manifestations reveal the complexity of internal and external architectures.

Makoto Lin, Visualizing the City #01, Chromogenic print on acrylic glass in artist’s frame, 166x124.5cm, 2020

YU PU PIN, New Cityscape #01, Chromogenic colour print face-mounted on acrylic glass in artist's frame, 180.2x120.2cm, 2014

“Focus• Taiwan” MIT Young Artists’ Connection with the World special exhibition area X Emerging Indigenous Artist special recommendation exhibition X Senior Indigenous Artist Special Exhibition

Rexy Tseng, Tabea, Acrylic on canvas, 150x150cm, 2019

OU LI-TING, Between V, 38x38x24cm Steel, rust bluing, wax, 2020

Pao-Leng Kung, That grey, 20.5x26x4cm, Acrylic on cotton and masking tape, 2019

Hung Yu Hao, Float-Shuttling, Multi-channel video, 6'00'', 2019

The Ministry of Culture has been promoting the MIT Young Artists’ Special Exhibition since 2008, and from 2013, has collaborated with ART TAIPEI, via Taiwan Art Gallery Association who matches galleries with artists and serves as an agent to help with marketing and sales at the fair.

Lin Szu-Ying, Wriggling-face 50x98x110 cm, fiber-reinforced plastic, FRP, 2020

Ting-Jung CHEN, circuit 2,31.5x31.5cm (8 pieces in series), copy papers, paperboards, 2020

Tsai, Shih-Hsiang, No. 24022, An Illusion from Four Years Ago ( Part II ), 21X29.7X242 cm, Photography Installation, 2016-2020

Chiu, Chieh-Sen_Direction Sensor, 19th century Compass (London), Accessory board, DC Brushless motor planetengetriebe (Swiss), 26.6x17x17cm, 2017

At the same time, since 2020, the Ministry of Culture has been jointly promoting indigenous cultural development policies with Council of Indigenous Peoples from cultural and economic perspectives. In ART TAIPEI, the Senior Indigenous Artist Special Exhibition and Emerging Indigenous Artist Special Recommendation Exhibition will be held to cover the beautiful parts of Taiwanese cultures and life.

Idas Lusin, Atayal Girl, oil on canvas, 100x80x5cm, 2020

Sakuliu Pavavalung, The Shoulders of a Father, Bronze, 42x28x156cm, 1997

Pacake Taugadhu, Ake the Forester, acrylic painted on FRP, 54x41x28, 2016

Siyat Moses, Heart of Nutrition, fabric, printing ink, embroidery thread, 38x135x5cm, 2017

NPO art space special exhibition shows the diverse cross-section in the structure of the Taiwanese art ecology

Shung Ye Museum of Formosan Fine Arts; Grand View Emerging Artists Award; Lih Pao Cultural Arts Foundation; Chi Po-lin Foundation; TAxT at Taoyuan Arts Center

Lee Ming-Tiao, Seaside at Shalun, Tamsui, photography, 11x14inch, 1948

Chin Hsieng HU, Bing Hua TSAI, Shape of Winds, clothes, fan, custom software, computer, AC dimmer, 5mx3mx2.5m, 2019

Chi Po-Lin Foundation, Po-Lin CHI, Nantou-Yushan, Photo on Acid-Free Paper, 96.2x80 cm, 2008

and Open Contemporary Art Center; Taiwan Art Space Alliance, Taiwan’s first comic artist, National treasure Liu Hsing-chin’s 65th anniversary work and special exhibition; the Society Photographic Aesthetic Chinese;

CHEN I-Yen, Islands and Needles, Ceramic, Dimensions variable, 2017

TsengShu-Fen Imitation Blue Cabin, acrylic on canvas, 91x79x5.2cm, 2019

Lih Pao Cultural Art Foundation, Nakamura Yoshitaka, South Wind, bronze and iron, 180×56×35cm, 2018

Art Station x Residence, and other NPO art space have all gathered at ART TAIPEI to present the diverse and colorful art and cultural creations in Taiwan through different styles of art.

2020 ART TAIPEI will be held a grand opening on 22 October and open to the public between 23-26 October at Taipei World Trade Center Exhibition Hall 1. This five-day art feast will certainly be a highlight in the global art calendar. The fair will present Taiwan’s vision and display its ambition to shine on the world stage, and by carefully watching the trend, it will lead the next wave in the art world.

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