EXPO CHICAGO Releases Limited-Edition Print and Poster Designed by Nick Cave and Bob Faust, a Facility Art/Work Collaboration

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Aug 12, 2019 5:38PM

Printed by Landfall Press, Proceeds from the Print and Poster Will Benefit the Facility Foundation and EXPO CHICAGO Curatorial Initiatives, Renewing a Chicago Tradition

by Nick Cave and Bob Faust, a Facility Art/Work collaboration

EXPO CHICAGO, The International Exposition of Contemporary and Modern Art, announced the creation and sale of a limited-edition print and poster designed by Nick Cave and Bob Faust, a Facility Art/Work collaboration, in celebration of the eighth annual exposition (September 19 – 22, 2019). The initiative of a limited-edition print and poster renews a legacy that began in 1980 of international artists producing images for the first global contemporary art fair in North and South America, originally conceived for the Chicago International Art Exposition at Navy Pier. Printed by Landfall Press, the original printer of the posters in the 80s and 90s, the 2019 limited-edition print and poster are available for advanced purchase on expochicago.com/print and on-site at EXPO CHICAGO.

“I began my career in Chicago working at the Chicago International Art Exposition and fondly remember the annual image release—the numerous collaborations with artists that were fostered, which these editions now join, allow us to provide additional support for artistic programming,” said Tony Karman, President | Director of EXPO CHICAGO. “EXPO CHICAGO’s name pays homage to that pioneering art fair, and after looking at the historic images in our office, the time was right to revive a tradition that was born in Chicago,” he added. “The most important facet of this initiative is the partnership with the artist and the printer, and we are extremely proud to be working with internationally renowned artists Nick Cave and Bob Faust and to renew a partnership with the original printer, and legends in the art publishing field, Jack Lemon and Landfall Press.”

Drawing upon the iconic motifs found in Cave’s early portfolio, these collectible pieces serve as mementos to the City of Chicago. “The poster is very much tied to my work,” Cave shares. “It is looking at one particular image and layering color on top of color... creating a three-dimensional, vast garden.” Cave continued, “I consider myself a messenger. Chicago is our hub, our home base and where we refuel before each deed or delivery. For me this image represents a fertile and migratory hub, much like the way I see Chicago.”

“When designing the EXPO CHICAGO print and poster, we knew we needed something iconic to Nick’s practice,” Faust added. “But when trying to convey the extraordinary layered process as well as the laser sharp messages embedded within the work, we quickly realized that differentiating the print from the poster would be the solution. The print pushes the boundaries of litho printing, incorporating more than ten colors, while the poster gets straight to the point.”

Previous prints and posters designed for the Chicago International Art Exposition include work by Robert Motherwell (1981), Jack Tworkov (1982), Ed Ruscha (1983), Ed Paschke (1984), William Tillyer (1985), Roger Brown (1986), Antoni Tapies (1987), William Wiley (1988), Sam Francis (1989), Wayne Thiebaud (1990), Pierre Alechinsky (1991) and Andreas Nagel (1992). In 2018, Kavi Gupta Gallery produced an EXPO CHICAGO poster created by artist Gerald Williams.

“It’s been an unexpected surprise to be a part of reviving this annual tradition and to assist both Nick Cave and Bob Faust to realize the 2019 EXPO CHICAGO print and poster,” added Landfall Press President Jack Lemon.

The print is available for $3,000 and will be sold in a limited edition of 200. The poster will be available in a limited quantity for $50. A portion of all proceeds will go to Facility Foundation, a philanthropic initiative by Nick Cave and Bob Faust, which provides scholarships and opportunities for emerging artists, fosters collaborations with like-minded established artists and partners with outside organizations and institutions to galvanize their outreach programming. Sales will also support EXPO CHICAGO’s Curatorial Initiatives, which seek to promote the development of curators and foster international dialogue between artists and institutions in Chicago and the greater Midwest.

About Landfall Press

Landfall Press has been publishing contemporary lithographs, etchings and woodcuts for more than five decades. The business is founded and led by Landfall Press President Jack Lemon, who has dedicated his career to building a business predicated on collaborative relationships. This work has been recognized by The Milwaukee Art Museum, who acquired the Landfall Press Print Archive in 1992, and is unveiling an exhibition featuring Landfall Press’ prints in October 2019. The exhibition is curated by Jack Lemon, Thomas Cvikota and Nikki Otten, Associate Curator of Prints and Drawings at the Milwaukee Art Museum, and will feature 60 works, spanning 50 years of Jack Lemon’s collaborative history, with an emphasis on Landfall Press publications and print innovations, including works published in 2019.

About Facility

Facility is a place. It is a multi-disciplinary creative space, and is home to Cave Studio, Faust Associates and $oundsuit$hop while also serving as a creative hub for other artists, artisans, designers and architects. Additionally, Facility plays host to myriad pop-up special projects such as exhibitions, performances and fresh retail experiences.

Facility is a philosophy. It believes that art and design can create peace, build power, and change the world—that by fostering an environment and community built from your dreams you will wake up daily within your destiny.

Facility is an action agent. It reaches deep into our communities, employing the collective powers of art and design as a means to empowerment and social change. Facility Foundation provides scholarships and opportunities for young, promising and emerging artists, collaborations with fierce, like-minded established artists and partnering with outside, organizations and institutions to galvanize their outreach programming.


Opening the fall art season each September, EXPO CHICAGO, The International Exposition of Contemporary & Modern Art features leading international galleries alongside one of the highest quality platforms for contemporary art and culture. Hosted within Navy Pier’s Festival Hall, EXPO CHICAGO’s eighth edition will take place September 19 – 22, 2019, in alignment with the 2019 Chicago Architecture Biennial (September 19, 2019 – January 5, 2020). EXPO CHICAGO presents a diverse program, including /Dialogues (presented in partnership with the School of the Art Institute of Chicago) and Exchange by Northern Trust, an unrivaled talks program for both public and VIP audiences; IN/SITU, dynamic on-site installations highlighting large-scale sculpture, film, and site-specific work; and major public art initiatives, including IN/SITU Outside, public art installed throughout Chicago Park District locations, and OVERRIDE, a curated selection of international artists throughout the city’s digital billboard network. The EXPO CHICAGO program also features an unprecedented commitment to host curatorial initiatives during the exposition, including the Curatorial Forum in partnership with Independent Curators International (ICI), and the Curatorial Exchange, which partners with foreign agencies and consulates to expand the exposition’s global reach. EXPO CHICAGO is the publisher of THE SEEN, Chicago’s only international journal of contemporary and modern art criticism, online and in print. EXPO CHICAGO is presented by Art Expositions, LLC. Under the leadership of President and Director Tony Karman, EXPO CHICAGO draws upon the city’s rich history as a vibrant international cultural destination, while highlighting the region’s contemporary arts community and inspiring its collector base.

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