About Auckland Art Fair 2018

Auckland Art Fair
May 11, 2018 6:08pm
Auckland Art Fair is New Zealand’s premier international art fair with a clear focus on contemporary art of the Pacific-rim region. The 2018 edition will see 45 galleries from Japan, Indonesia, America, Chile, Singapore and China alongside the best galleries from New Zealand and Australia.  


Curated by Gabriela Salgado and Francis McWhannell, Projects 2018 includes work by 18 emerging and established artists based in Aotearoa New Zealand and Australia, complementing the selection offered by the 45 galleries participating in Auckland Art Fair. The result of an open call, the presentation aims to showcase a broad range of art unburdened by a prescriptive theme or curatorial conceit.  
Comprising installation, jewellery, painting, performance, photography, print, sculpture, sound, video and weaving, Projects 2018 provides a sample of current practice, not arguing for particular issues or approaches, but gesturing towards the vibrant plurality that lies at the heart of both contemporary art-making and life in the Pacific.  


On the mezzanine level of the venue, you’ll find Piki Mai: Up Here ^^, a new section featuring a small number of young galleries, artist-run spaces or recent graduate exhibitions under the auspices of an art school. Separate from the gallery area on the ground floor, this space will offer a snapshot of artists whose work could appear at future art fairs.  
As a concept, Piki Mai: Up Here ^^ turns on the notion of wayfinding or giving clear direction to those attending Auckland Art Fair that if they suspend their assumptions for just a moment, and follow the signs before them, there is in fact something more, something new, and something different to be discovered on the first floor of the venue.  
Piki Mai: Up Here ^^ is shamelessly attention-seeking much like the fresh perspective and change in elevation offered by a young, forward-looking generation with the energy and inclination to confront the future.  
The name Piki Mai: Up Here ^^ was created by artist duo Yllwbro from Mokopōpaki gallery.