Kimberley Cunningham's Curated Picks from African Galleries Now

African Galleries Now
Mar 29, 2022 1:26PM

Kimberley Cunningha,

As a leading expert in Contemporary Art from Africa and the diaspora, Kimberley combines her curatorial and advisory roles to create a new model through which to champion art from the continent and beyond. Having previously worked within galleries such as Gagosian and Goodman Gallery, Kimberley launched her own advisory and independent curatorial agency, Cunningham Contemporary, in 2020.

In February 2021, she initiated a new collaborative exhibition model in Johannesburg entitled RESTUDIO, which served as a response to the limitations around viewing art in person through national lockdowns and postponements of art fairs. As well as working on various curatorial projects globally, Kimberley has recently been appointed as the curator of the new Singita contemporary art galleries, supporting important conservation efforts through the celebration of art from Africa.

Consider what your thoughts are on ‘African art’, and prepare for them to be consistently challenged

“Over the last few years the global lens has been focusing on art across Africa. A rich tapestry of cultures and voices weaves across the continent in often the most surprising of ways. Consider what your thoughts are on ‘African art’, and prepare for them to be consistently challenged.

This is clear to see in the dynamic artworks included in African Galleries Now, from the emotive and politically charged fabric of Turiya Magadlela's pieces to Wycliffe Mundopa's vivid portraits depicting the social and political upheavals of life in urban Zimbabwe. My selection of artworks focuses on both the contemporary interpretation of traditional African craft techniques as well as the delicately layered probing of societal and gendered issues.”

–– Kimberley Cunningham

Turiya Magadlela
Inkaba Ye-Tyityi Elintsundu A Series & Inkaba Ye Tyityi Eli Mpofu, 2022
Kalashnikovv Gallery
Gresham Tapiwa Nyaude
Faith in Humanity Part 1, 2021
First Floor Gallery Harare
Wycliffe Mundopa
Nature, 2022
First Floor Gallery Harare
Patrick Bongoy
Fragments #24, 2019
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