Programming: The Armory Show 2017

The Armory Show
Feb 21, 2017 6:28AM

The Armory Show 2017 features 210 leading international galleries from 30 countries, showcasing significant historical and contemporary artworks in a unique, industrial setting in Midtown Manhattan.

The exhibiting galleries compose the fair’s strongest list in years, with a premier selection of new and returning exhibitors across five distinct exhibitor sections: Galleries, Insights, Presents, Focus and Platform.

As part of the fair’s new vision to present a more curated and textured fair experience, the new Focus section, curated by Jarrett Gregory will present a precise curatorial viewpoint from a rising curatorial star. Platform, a new section for site-specific projects, curated by Eric Shiner, will stage large-scale works throughout the venue for visitors to discover.  A more spacious floor plan, designed by Bade Stageberg Cox, features wider aisles, larger booths and expanded public lounges, in addition to a relocated VIP lounge on Pier 92 with water view of the Hudson.

In an outstanding display of quality and curatorial precision, over 70 galleries will present solo-artist and dual-artist projects. In addition to a strong roster of returning galleries, the exhibitor list reflects 71 new exhibitors for the 2017 edition, including seven new galleries from Asia.


As the core section of The Armory Show, Galleries features outstanding 20th and 21st century artworks presented by the world’s leading galleries. Visitors are invited to discover thousands of artworks spanning movements, mediums and cultures.

New exhibitor Kayne Griffin Corcoran will present a dual booth juxtaposing works by James Turrell and Mary Corse.

James Turrell
Diamonds (Squares on point) Glass, 2015
Kayne Griffin Corcoran


Presents is a platform for galleries no more than ten years old to showcase recent work fresh from the artist’s studio. Solo-artist and dual-artist presentations spotlight the next generation of artistic talents, which visitors can discover in this in-depth and intimate setting.

A two-person exhibition with ceramic works by Bettina Samson and paintings and sculptures by Jacin Giordano.

Jacin Giordano


Focus realizes the vision of an annually appointed curator through a selection of new or rarely seen work by today’s most relevant and compelling artists. This year, 12 solo-artist presentations have been organized specifically for The Armory Show under the direction of Jarrett Gregory. Titled What Is To Be Done?, this year’s Focus section includes a diverse group of artists grappling with some of the world’s most pressing social and political issues.

KOW and Galerie Fons Welters will together  present recent sculptures from the Cercle d'Art des Travailleurs de Plantations Congolaises (CATPC) that confront the trauma of colonialism, presented jointly by KOW and Galerie Fons Welters. CATPC will have a simultaneous show at SculptureCenter in Long Island City. 

The Art Collector by Jérémie Mabiala & Djonga Bismar, 2015
Galerie Fons Welters


Dedicated exclusively to 20th century artworks, Insights emphasizes solo-artist, dual-artist and thematic presentations. This section highlights canonical works of modernism and the post-war era as well as overlooked artistic gems and rediscoveries.

All female exhibition featuring Yayoi Kusama, Gutai artists Yuko Nasaka and Atsuko Tanaka that focuses on the gender roles in post-war Japan and how the three artists have pursued self-expression in tied down societal circumstances. 

Yayoi Kusama
Rape Blossoms, 1979
Whitestone Gallery


Debuting in 2017, Platform stages large-scale artworks, installations and site-specific commissions across Piers 92 & 94. Artists and galleries are invited by an appointed curator to realize ambitious projects that activate the fair’s unique industrial space. The 2017 edition of Platform is curated by Eric Shiner.

Large-scale kinetic sculptural work by Dorian Gaudin consisting of a hand-crafted self-roving structure that rolls along a 20 ft. path.

Dorian Gaudin
Missing you, 2016
Nathalie Karg Gallery
The Armory Show