Four Ways to Boost Your Visibility on Artsy

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Jun 14, 2016 1:10PM

Artsy is the most comprehensive resource for learning about the world’s art, and thanks to Artsy CMS—our simple and intuitive content management system—you have full access to share your exhibitions and collections on your profile page.

To boost your traffic, and reach Artsy's growing audience of over 1 million unique monthly visitors, try the steps below:

1. Artworks and Installation Shots

Make your museum or organization more discoverable across our site, iPhone, and iPad apps by uploading your exhibition programming. For the most robust presence, we recommend sharing at least 5 artwork images and 3 installation shots per show. 

2. Artwork Metadata

In addition to filling in required metadata, such as artist, title, date, and medium, there are additional places to provide more information and context about your artworks.

Under the section “Provenance & More Info,” you can fill in the fields for image rights, provenance, exhibition history, and any other relevant information. 

3. Publish Request Images

To make your artworks visible on your page, make sure to “Request to Publish” artwork images. Once a work is requested, your dedicated Artsy liaison will review and publish it.

From the Artworks page, click on the text "Request to Publish" located on the right side of the page. To request multiple artwork images, use the Shortlist tool outlined in the point below. 

4. Shortlist Feature

Save time by using Shortlist to complete batch actions for a group of artworks, such as editing metadata, adding works to an exhibition, or requesting to publish. You can see your Shortlist from any page in CMS by clicking on the “Shortlist” button on the left menu bar.

To add artworks to your Shortlist, click on the checkmark button to the left of the artwork in list view. The purple circle to the right of the Shortlist button indicates the number of artworks currently saved to your Shortlist.

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Have questions about logging into CMS? Contact your liaison directly or reach us at [email protected]

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