Curatorial and Events Intern

Artsy seeks a Curatorial and Events Intern to help execute art and event activations that strengthen and elevate our brand and reach audiences worldwide.

Artsy Events and Artsy Projects support Artsy’s mission by executing high-quality art activations and events that position Artsy as the leading online resource for art. The two teams work together to support our mission by collaborating with the world's leading artists to produce public art projects, activations and events which reimagine diverse international spaces. Artsy Events and Projects aim to create an environment for dynamic dialogue and reach a broad audience across industries and regions, amplified through the vast online and social media initiatives.

Some of our collaborations in the past year have included working with Gucci and Faena to create a shared virtual reality experience featuring works by Rachel Rossin, Jon Rafman, and Jacolby Satterwhite during Miami Art Week in December 2016. The two teams also worked closely with Microsoft HoloLens to create a mixed reality experience in partnership with Studio Drift at The Armory Show in March 2017.

As a Curatorial and Events Intern, you will provide foundational support in fueling events and artists initiatives at Artsy. You will take a lead role in managing project timelines, doing artist research, providing production support and maintaining archives of past projects. You will be entrusted to communicate with artists and work on project proposals.You will also be a key player in assisting with event coordination and planning including maintaining guest lists, sending personalize invitations and tracking responses, and taking ownership of on-the-ground event logistics. In this role you will get a unique opportunity to work directly with artists, Artsy guests and various teams at Artsy including Content Sales, Editorial, and Social Media.

Ideal Competencies, Skills and Experience:

  • Knowledge and passion for the contemporary art world
  • Exemplary written and interpersonal skills
  • Detail-oriented and strong organizational skills
  • Comfortable working in a fast paced environment with proactive tendencies
  • Completed coursework in Communications, Marketing, Art History, or related field
  • Ability to coordinate between internal and external stakeholders


This position is full-time and based at our beautiful offices in downtown Manhattan, and starts immediately.

To apply, please submit your resumé and a cover letter here.


We don’t see ourselves as a business with employees. We see ourselves as a community of people with a common purpose and common values.

As such, there are no specific work hours or policies, no pointless bureaucracy. We only care that you achieve inspiring results that are aligned with our shared purpose. And that you work with us to achieve those results in a way that is aligned with our shared values. We look for people who act like the CEO of their area of responsibility and collaborate with no ego in service of Artsy's mission.


We think of Artsy less as a business with employees, and more as a community of people who have chosen to work together towards a common goal, and who share a common set of values.

In addition to our vision of a world where art is as popular as music, Artsy has five core values that will inform your experience at Artsy.  

Art x Science: We believe in uniting empathy with logic, emotion with data, and intuition with research in everything we do. Whether in business strategy or design, culture or code, we seek the magic that happens when the often separate worlds of art and science come together.

People are Paramount: We spend extraordinary energy finding the best person for a job—and once found, we give them the trust and autonomy to be CEO of their role. We avoid pointless bureaucracy and prefer to empower people with information rather than limit them with process.

Quality Worthy of Art: We aim to create an experience worthy of all the world’s art and so hold ourselves to the highest standards in all our work. We believe that the best long term quality comes from rapid shipping, iterating, and learning as we go.

Positive Energy: We know positivity and optimism benefit our work, and we harness positive energy as a vehicle towards greater awareness, growth, and collaboration. We believe in cultivating a positive relationship to art as opposed to one based on exclusivity or scarcity.

Openness: We believe in being open with each other and the world—whether in open-sourcing our code, sharing feedback, or building a diverse and inclusive work culture. We believe in bringing our full selves to work and manifesting an open world where everyone has access to art.

Artsy is an equal opportunity employer. We value a diverse workforce and an inclusive culture. We encourage applications from all qualified individuals without regard to race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, national origin, marital status, disability, and veteran status.