Executive Operations Manager

Artsy seeks an Executive Operations Manager to work directly alongside our CEO to provide strategic support across long-range special projects, relationship development and management, and all facets that fall within the CEO's purview and domain. This is an exciting, high impact role as it directly multiplies our CEO’s time and energy, and visibly influences Artsy’s ability to achieve our vision of a world where art is as ubiquitous as music.

We are looking for someone who is excited to join a quickly growing startup, who is eager to work in a diverse, fun, and collaborative team environment, and who sees Artsy’s mission as aligned with their own sense of purpose. The ideal candidate will leverage this unique opportunity to work at the intersection of art and tech to achieve high impact results.

Success in this role means the CEO has a much greater impact on Artsy's goals, both internally and externally. You will be integral in actuating this; creating an organized, focused, and energized environment to nurture and strengthen the CEO’s relationships with colleagues, investors, and peers in the art and tech worlds. You will maintain responsibility for managing all written communication and correspondence, and can effectively translate broad strategic ideas into presentable, cohesive, and digestible forms.  

This role supports the CEO in all aspects including:

  • Crafting large-scale communications and developing presentation materials as well as strategic updates company wide and to key stakeholders and investors
  • Active relationship management: Navigating and strengthening the CEO’s relationships across the team within Artsy, as well as externally in the tech and art worlds  
  • Analytical and strategic support for various special project initiatives
  • Acting as an Operator and Project Manager; creating optimal structure and execution around CEO's workflow and projects
  • Proactively and creatively discovering new opportunities to leverage the CEO’s time and energy across all
  • Driving effective meetings via upfront materials preparation, agenda setting, and setting clear process around follow ups

The ideal candidate for this role is:

  • Thoughtful and articulate communicator both written and verbal
  • Has 3-5+ years of experience and an outstanding track record in project management, leadership, hospitality, HR, executive assistance, relationship management, or a related field
  • Present and empathetic; able to build deep trust and connection with the CEO and the Artsy team, as well as in internal and external relationships
  • Extremely organized and detail oriented -- no task is too small
  • Highly flexible and can adapt to a dynamic and fast-paced startup environment
  • For this role we’re open to different backgrounds, levels, experiences, and walks of life. Your background may be in project management, HR, operations, or hospitality; you may have been in an executive support position or have had general leadership experience.


This position is full-time and based at our beautiful offices in downtown Manhattan, and starts immediately.

To apply, please submit your resumé and a cover letter here.


We don’t see ourselves as a business with employees. We see ourselves as a community of people with a common purpose and common values.

As such, there are no specific work hours or policies, no pointless bureaucracy. We only care that you achieve inspiring results that are aligned with our shared purpose. And that you work with us to achieve those results in a way that is aligned with our shared values. We look for people who act like the CEO of their area of responsibility and collaborate with no ego in service of Artsy's mission.


We think of Artsy less as a business with employees, and more as a community of people who have chosen to work together towards a common goal, and who share a common set of values.

In addition to our vision of a world where art is as popular as music, Artsy has five core values that will inform your experience at Artsy.  

Art x Science: We believe in uniting empathy with logic, emotion with data, and intuition with research in everything we do. Whether in business strategy or design, culture or code, we seek the magic that happens when the often separate worlds of art and science come together.

People are Paramount: We spend extraordinary energy finding the best person for a job—and once found, we give them the trust and autonomy to be CEO of their role. We avoid pointless bureaucracy and prefer to empower people with information rather than limit them with process.

Quality Worthy of Art: We aim to create an experience worthy of all the world’s art and so hold ourselves to the highest standards in all our work. We believe that the best long term quality comes from rapid shipping, iterating, and learning as we go.

Positive Energy: We know positivity and optimism benefit our work, and we harness positive energy as a vehicle towards greater awareness, growth, and collaboration. We believe in cultivating a positive relationship to art as opposed to one based on exclusivity or scarcity.

Openness: We believe in being open with each other and the world—whether in open-sourcing our code, sharing feedback, or building a diverse and inclusive work culture. We believe in bringing our full selves to work and manifesting an open world where everyone has access to art.

Artsy is an equal opportunity employer. We value a diverse workforce and an inclusive culture. We encourage applications from all qualified individuals without regard to race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, national origin, marital status, disability, and veteran status.