Full Stack Software Engineer, Growth

Artsy's Engineering team has an exciting opportunity for a Full Stack Growth Engineer. This role will focus primarily on driving business growth via marketing tools and other web and mobile technologies.

the role

You will have a direct and significant impact on Artsy's revenue-building ability, and on how we deliver Artsy to millions of people worldwide.

What we are looking for:

  • Deep engineering fundamentals (full-stack, 4+ years)
  • Experience building full stack web applications
    • Experience with HTML / CSS, Ruby, Javascript, jQuery
    • Experience with databases (MongoDB, Redshift, etc.)
    • Values automated testing and architecting code that is maintainable for the long run

about you

You're a versatile, multi-hat-wearing full stack software engineer. You've worked with large web-based systems and a variety of databases. You have experience combining APIs and other data sources to build powerful tools, and you are interested in deriving meaningful insights from vast data. In short, you're an extremely strong generalist who loves picking up the project with the greatest potential for immediate impact on the business.

You will help drive Artsy's continued growth by:

  • Planning & building internal applications that leverage external APIs
  • Supporting data gathering automation and structuring
  • Integrating and building new marketing and analytics tools to support new growth projects

You are the kind of person who:

  • Has a strong passion for growth projects
  • Has a bias towards action and rapid iteration
  • Has experience with testing and validation
  • Has a good eye for product and usability
  • Enjoys solving technical problems creatively
  • Wants to serve as a resource for others, and learn from them


Artsy has 35 services and applications in production. Check out this post about our tech stack.

What is Artsy

In a sentence, Artsy is like Pandora for the fine art world. Our mission is to make the the world's art easily accessible to anyone with an Internet connection. By increasing access, we believe we can expand the art market and get more people educated and passionate about fine art.

artsy's culture and work environment

At its core, Artsy is a technology company. In addition to the engineering team, both the CEO and COO have technical backgrounds (Computer Science from Princeton, and Mathematics from Columbia). Our ultimate goal is to create Artificial Intelligence with the qualities of the world's most omniscient art advisor.

To create an awesome UX we employ cutting-edge technologies such as Node.js, Backbone.js, Coffeescript, Haml, Sass, Ruby on Rails, and MongoDB; but when we can't find a technology that does what we need,we create one.

We write our own open-source projects and contribute them back to the community.

There are no set hours or holidays, no pointless bureaucracy. Work whenever you want, wherever you want. That's the beauty of hiring world-class people, they deliver incredible results and are wonderful to work with — what else matters?

Our downtown Manhattan office has stunning 360 degree views of New York. You can see the horizon in all 4 directions, the iconic midtown and downtown skylines, the Hudson and East rivers.

We have super-value-add investors and advisors including: Peter Thiel, Jack Dorsey, Eric Schmidt, Joe Kennedy (CEO of Pandora), Charlie Cheever (Quora founder), Alexis O'Hanian (Reddit founder), Keith Rabois (COO Square), Founder Collective, Dave Morin (Path founder), Wendi Murdoch, Dasha Zhukova, and Thrive Capital.

At Artsy, we are bringing art, science, design, and engineering together. We hire engineers who are creative and empathetic, and we hire art historians who can think analytically and make data-informed decisions. We want to help users find, discover, and fall in love with art.

If you do too, please drop us a line and include some links to what you've built: fsse_growth@artsy.net.