Head of Galleries, Fairs, and Institutions Business

Artsy seeks a world-class executive to run our galleries, fairs, and institutions business, Artsy’s biggest division and its largest revenue stream.

Like music before the radio and record player, the art world today is relatively small, insular, and hard to access–especially if you live outside major cultural hubs. We believe that by engaging more people with art and empowering them with access to art market information, we will lift the fog of opacity and exclusivity that keep 99%+ of potential art buyers on the sidelines. And by removing the art market’s friction points–30-40% transaction costs and 3-6 month sale cycles–we will raise the frequency of buying and selling. Given the market’s current inefficiency, only $66B of art’s $3T in assets trade annually. We believe our platform can expand that market into the $100’s of billions, growing Artsy’s business and supporting a much larger, more vibrant, and diverse art ecosystem.


This position reports to Artsy's Cofounder, President & COO, and you will work with him and other key leaders to run Artsy’s biggest division and largest revenue stream. You will leverage Artsy’s leading market position to build the global infrastructure for galleries, fairs, and museums to run their businesses, reach larger audiences, and achieve higher sales. By uniting and accelerating the work of our sales, customer success, marketing, and product teams across galleries, fairs, and institutions, you will help Artsy become the electricity of the art industry - not only serving the existing market (a potentially multi billion dollar enterprise opportunity on its own), but will also accelerate the expansion of that market, making possible a larger ecosystem of galleries, fairs, museums, and the artists they support.

As the general manager of this business, you and your team will address important strategic questions: How should Artsy balance its investments between enterprise software (e.g. inventory management systems) vs distribution (generating more sales for galleries)? Given Artsy’s global network effects, how much should Artsy adapt and localize its services, marketing, sales, and customer success strategies in the different global markets it operates in? How should Artsy balance the needs of its supply-side industry partners with the needs of our consumers (individual collectors)?


  • A world class leader–you can design, recruit, and develop a world-class team, globally across Artsy’s international offices
  • Experienced scaling a SaaS business –You have scaled a Saas business in a senior role (ideally as GM with P&L responsibility) and have a deep understanding of SaaS businesses and subscription-based revenue models, ideally as part of a B2B2C marketplace.
  • Experienced with sales, customer success, and/or sales/customer success ops - You have a proven track record leading sales, customer success, and/or sales/customer success ops teams at scale (ideally globally) at a tech/product (ideally platform) company,
  • A strategic and analytical thinker, ideally with product experience – given the complexity of the Artsy ecosystem, strong strategic and analytical ability are a must; experience working with or managing product teams and/or technical background is not required but is a strong plus
  • All In–you are excited to align your work and life purpose; you share our values (detailed below) and vision for creating a world where art is as ubiquitous as music
  • Expanding our horizons–you bring a different perspective, experience, and DNA to Artsy’s team and decision making
  • Bonus points: you’ve worked at a company a. with both consumers and enterprises (e.g. a B2B2C marketplace), b. global network effects, or c. high value + long consideration purchases. Experience in the art, fashion, or luxury markets is helpful but not required.


This position is full-time and based at our beautiful offices in downtown Manhattan, and starts immediately.

To apply, please submit your resumé and a cover letter here.


The art market is the last major consumer marketplace to come online and, with over $30B in commercial inventory, Artsy is the first company to aggregate the lion’s share of it onto a single platform. Artsy is also the first platform where virtually all the world’s major galleries, museums, fairs, and auction houses have listed inventory–from Sotheby’s contemporary sales to ancient relics in The Met’s permanent collection. Artsy’s platform is global. 70% of our partners are internationally based and our average transaction distance is over 3,000 miles, the highest of any platform on the Internet.

Artsy is the largest art marketplace and most comprehensive art platform in the world–help us use that platform to manifest a world where art is as ubiquitous as music.


At Artsy there are no specific work hours or policies, no pointless bureaucracy. We only care that you achieve inspiring results and are a joy to work with. This means you must be highly energetic, enthusiastic, and resourceful—no problem is too big or too small for you to tackle. You will enjoy both responsibility and autonomy in your work.  


We think of Artsy less as a business with employees, and more as a community of people who have chosen to work together towards a common goal, and who share a common set of values.

In addition to our vision of a world where art is as popular as music, Artsy has five core values that will inform your experience at Artsy.  

Art x Science: We believe in uniting empathy with logic, emotion with data, and intuition with research in everything we do. Whether in business strategy or design, culture or code, we seek the magic that happens when the often separate worlds of art and science come together.

People are Paramount: We spend extraordinary energy finding the best person for a job—and once found, we give them the trust and autonomy to be CEO of their role. We avoid pointless bureaucracy and prefer to empower people with information rather than limit them with process.

Quality Worthy of Art: We aim to create an experience worthy of all the world’s art and so hold ourselves to the highest standards in all our work. We believe that the best long term quality comes from rapid shipping, iterating, and learning as we go.

Positive Energy: We know positivity and optimism benefit our work, and we harness positive energy as a vehicle towards greater awareness, growth, and collaboration. We believe in cultivating a positive relationship to art as opposed to one based on exclusivity or scarcity.

Openness: We believe in being open with each other and the world—whether in open-sourcing our code, sharing feedback, or building a diverse and inclusive work culture. We believe in bringing our full selves to work and manifesting an open world where everyone has access to art.

Artsy is an equal opportunity employer. We value a diverse workforce and an inclusive culture. We encourage applications from all qualified individuals without regard to race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, national origin, marital status, disability, and veteran status.