Mobile Engineer

We're a team of five engineers, but we've made a massive impact on how the world writes software. Within Artsy, we help drive our 150 colleagues forward, pushing the ideas of open source into the mainstream and moving the development team towards open source by default. When we succeed, this is the way the world will build products.


Hey there, at the moment there are no open vacancies within the Artsy Mobile team. We're keeping this page around until this changes though. If you think you're exceptional enough that we will bend over backwards to hire you, can't hurt to shoot an email anyway though.

Here are some examples of our philosophy in practice

You’ve probably seen our work on CocoaPods; we have both the creator and a core contributor on our team. All our apps are open source, and we do team management open as well. Radical transparency FTW.

We’re serious opponents to “Not Invented Here” syndrome, favouring a “Proudly Discovered Elsewhere” attitude. It’s far better to make changes to an existing tool before reinventing the wheel.

We have built – or stewarded – a number of critical libraries within the iOS developer community. We’ve contributed to Quick and Nimble, but also have ownership of Specta and Expecta, two divergent sets of unit testing libraries. Moya started within our team but now is driven by a community. ARAnalytics is one of the most popular analytics libraries in iOS. We were glad to deprecate ORStackView once Apple caught up with UIStackView. 

Our documentation speaks for itself, it’s not just comments above your functions. Documentation includes discussions in pull requests, blog posts, videos, conference talks, meet-ups, tweets, and high-fives 🖐

  • 5 people, sure. But one of these people is on the web team, can you guess who?

    5 people, sure. But one of these people is on the web team, can you guess who?

Attributes we’re looking to acquire from a new colleague include

Someone who appreciates the trade-off between “done” and “perfect”. Ideally, they favour the “done” end of the spectrum.

Our team has strong opinions, and we want someone to inject new ones. However, their strong opinions must be loosely held; they will change us, and we will change them.

They have a history of shipping successful, universally-adored products. Community contributions are a big plus. 

We're sorry juniors, but we don't have the time/space to be able to mentor someone new yet. We're hoping the new colleague will help us out on that, actually.

We've had an influx of people applying for remote work. As a rule of thumb, the bar for entry is higher for remote developers because of how the company is structured. If you are applying for the position as a remote developer, you need to have an extremely strong background in mobile development and community contributions.

What is Artsy?

In a sentence, Artsy is like Pandora for the fine art world. Our goal: we want to make the traditionally closed-off and intimidating art world easily accessible to anyone with an Internet connection. We believe that by increasing access, we can expand the market and get more people educated and passionate about fine art.

Why work at Artsy?

You will feel a high alignment between Artsy’s business and the products you ship. The larger an audience we reach, the more we can educate users. And the more we help them discover art they love, the better our business does.

We work autonomously within Artsy’s larger engineering team. We have no set hours, a minimum vacation policy, and use common sense to self-organize.

At its core, Artsy is a technology company. In addition to the engineering team, both the CEO and COO have technical backgrounds (Computer Science from Princeton, and Mathematics from Columbia).

We have partnered with thousands of the largest galleries in the world – and major art museums, auction houses and fairs. No startup has ever created such a unique and culturally rich data set.

Our downtown Manhattan office has stunning 360 degree views of New York (across three floors). You can see the horizon in all 4 directions, the iconic midtown and downtown skylines, the Hudson and East rivers. This is where we do Stand-up.

Engineers bring open source to the art world, for example, but we are constantly inspired by ideas from the art world, too. Artsy aims to be the embodiment of art meets science.

Every inquiry is sent to the whole mobile team, and we reply to every inquiry we get. Don’t worry about a fancy cover letter – just send a portfolio of your past work: [email protected].