Love and Celebrity—Hello, Emma Watson!—at Rod Bianco Gallery in Oslo

Nov 22, 2016 10:55PM
Double Emma, 2016
Rod Bianco Gallery

For his solo show “Our Life” at Rod Bianco Gallery in Oslo, Yves Scherer variously scrutinized, criticized, and embraced the blurred line between reality and pop-culture fantasy.

Like many from his generation, Scherer draws inspiration from the internet. Through sculpture, installation, photography, and mixed-media work, he addresses the Digital Age and the effects celebrity culture has had on all of us non-celebrities.

Image courtesy of Rod Bianco Gallery.

Of all the stars, one shines brightest for Scherer: Emma Watson (a.k.a. Hermione from the Harry Potter movies). Images of the actress, activist, and U.N.-Goodwill ambassador dominated Scherer’s show. Though this isn’t the first time she graced his work, here she appeared in large-scale lenticular prints, mugging for the camera like all celebrities must. But she isn’t alone. In superimposed layers, Scherer combined her image with his own visage or with various other images, like interior views of homes built by notable Mexican architect Luis Barragán.

Portraits, 2016
Rod Bianco Gallery
Emma Barragan Mexico, 2016
Rod Bianco Gallery

Scherer gathered these images from different sources. For Emma Watson, he pulled the photos from various websites, building up a collection he then deployed across his own prints. For the domestic scenes, he used images scanned from a book of Barragán’s projects. These strange, unsettling amalgamations suggest a kind of warped domestic fantasy in which the artist and Watson are lovers sharing a home.

Johnny & Kate, 2016
Rod Bianco Gallery

Scherer unspools this theme further with a series of sculptures. At first, they look as if he has cast a couple in the first stages of lovemaking. But closer examination reveals they are 3D homages to a famous photograph, taken by Annie Leibovitz, of an iconic couple from the 1990s: Johnny Depp and Kate Moss. The works drive home the sense of voyeurism engendered by celebrity culture, while also suggesting that what we see is really the creation of our own imaginations run wild.

—Karen Kedmey

Yves Scherer: Our Life” was on view at Rod Bianco Gallery, Oslo, Oct. 1–22, 2016. A selection of Scherers work will be on view at NADA Miami Beach, Dec. 1–4, 2016.

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