Artsy’s Summer Success Guide for Galleries

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Jul 13, 2016 5:20PM

We get it—the summer is hot, you’ve adjusted your gallery hours to allow for some relaxation, and the ebbs and flows of the art world can make this a quiet time for foot traffic in many regions. But the summer doesn't necessarily mean you have to have a slowdown in your online traffic and sales.

The summer season is the perfect time to invest in your online presence, setting you up for success in the busiest season that is around the corner, and capitalizing on leads today.

Artsy’s Summer Guide shares several ways successful galleries make the most of Artsy. Here’s where to start:

1. Re-Engage with CMS Conversations 

Building and fostering relationships is crucial with online buyers, much like with offline collector relationships. According to the 2016 Hiscox Online Art Trade Report, 59% of galleries selling art online said that they experienced repeat purchases, demonstrating the value of online buyers.

Conversations aggregates your Artsy inquiries in one inbox where you can easily find and follow up with collectors who have previously inquired. 

If a collector hasn’t replied within 48 hours of your initial response to their inquiry, they will receive an automated nudge (our “Quick Follow Up”), asking them to update you on the status of their interest. This information is key on how to best follow up. In Conversations these messages will be yellow with an UPDATE tag in your inbox

Following up is easy: which artists or kinds of works did they express interest in? Continue to engage with these collectors by sending personalized follow-ups.

To do:

- Message collectors who responded to the “quick follow up” first

- Present new inventory to collectors on Artsy by artists they’ve previously inquired on

- Think location: Where are they based? Reach out when visiting for a fair, or if it’s a local collector invite them to the gallery to view works in person

- Share any relevant upcoming exhibition information or other accolades by artists they’ve inquired on.

2. Fill in the gaps

Create a complete exhibition archive on Artsy by uploading past shows (hint: use the exact same process you would for adding upcoming shows). Even if some of your works are no longer available, displaying your exhibition history serves as a resource for collectors, curators, and students, allowing them to learn about your artists long after the show has come down.

3. Take advantage of 2.0

Earlier this year we launched Subscriptions 2.0, unlocking access to several new features including:

Artwork Categories: Add descriptive categories to your artworks, giving you control over how collectors discover your inventory. Choose from 180+ categories identified by our Art Genome Project experts. These categories have been selected because they are used most frequently by collectors—and applying them to your artworks in CMS is quick and easy.

Artist Biographies: Share the stories behind your artists by adding a custom biography. Now, when Artsy users browse by artists on your page, they’ll see the artist’s biography alongside the works

4. Back-end pricing

The more information a collector has about the price of a work (exact or range) the more they are able to self-qualify before inquiring on a work, increasing the quality of inquiries.

However, if you prefer to keep pricing private, entering pricing information on the backend means that search results on the front end will be better honed for collectors browsing within a particular price bracket on


- Enter pricing on all works in CMS 

- Select “Contact for price” “Display price range” or “Display exact price”  

Artsy Folio’s "View in Room" Feature

5. Increase Your ROI (Return on Images)

Replace any low-resolution images of your artwork and establish a strict standard for all new images you capture. Collectors expect a near real-life viewing experience from anywhere and you can give it to them with high quality and high-resolution artwork images. We recommend images of at least 1000 x 1000 pixels, although Artsy allows individual image files up to 30 mb.

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