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Artsy Partner Updates
Oct 11, 2016 10:45PM

Artsy Writer, the publishing tool powering Artsy Magazine, is now available to Preferred & Premium partners. Publish original content (or revive your gallery’s archival materials) to shape the conversation about your artists, inventory, and programming. 

How to Publish on Artsy

Artsy Writer, which can be accessed through your gallery’s CMS, makes it easy to integrate artworks, images, and videos into your posts. When published, your each post will automatically appear on your gallery’s Profile Page.

Editors on Artsy’s Learning Team will review your posts and feature the most informative and relevant content on artist, artwork, and show pages throughout the site, increasing exposure to your program.

To further amplify your readership, promote your article on social media or in your gallery’s regular email blast.

“We chose to publish our recent article on artist Abigail Goldman through Artsy ​because it gave us a chance to provide more in-depth content on the show and her practice. It was great to be able to present a closer look at her miniature sculptures, both visually and conceptually.” 

                                            —Megan Cerminaro, Hashimoto Contemporary

Reach Art Lovers and Collectors Worldwide

By publishing on Artsy, you can reach our global audience of collectors, museum-goers, students, educators, press, and more. Since Artsy's launch in 2012, we've welcomed more than 40 million visits, with over 20 million unique visitors from nearly every country in the world. Publishing engaging, accessible content on Artsy enables these visitors to easily access and engage with your artists and inventory.

Whether posting an interview series with your artist roster, diving into an overlooked area of art history, or conducting a studio visit in anticipation of an upcoming show, publishing on Artsy can help you expand your gallery’s online presence.

Download the gallery guide to Publishing on Artsy


Artsy’s Terms of Use

Artsy reserves the right to unpublish content that contains disparaging language, imitates Artsy’s editorial team, or is plagiarized from other publications. Please note that posts that are overtly promotional or contain hyperbolic language will not be featured throughout the site. Please note as well that you are responsible for securing the proper permissions for images and text before publishing on Artsy.

Artsy Partner Updates