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Nov 16, 2016 11:35PM

With Miami Art Week two weeks away, we’re preparing for increased engagement from collectors around the world. In many ways, the collectors you meet on Artsy are like the collectors who come into your gallery or stop by a fair booth, but the online nature of Artsy adds a few key differences to the equation. To set you up for success, we’re sharing a few insights into how collectors use Artsy to discover and buy art, along with some pro tips to make the most of Artsy during this busy season:

1. Collectors engage with new inventory

30% of artworks inquired on in October were published this autumn. Uploading new and relevant inventory not only makes your profile page more discoverable, it also drives collector interest.

Pro Tip: Keep inventory fresh
Artsy collectors regularly receive notifications about new available works. We recommend setting a calendar reminder at the beginning of each month to upload new works, or add “Upload to Artsy” to your exhibition to-do list.

2. Quick responses drives sales

On average, a collector will inquire on 8 artworks on Artsy before deciding to buy, meaning that waiting too long to respond might cause you to miss an opportunity. What’s more, based on thousands of collector surveys gathered 48-hours after their initial inquiry, the most common reason users abandon a potential purchase is that a gallery took too long to respond. Galleries with the highest conversion to sales respond within 48 hours, and many respond within 12 hours.

Pro Tip: Aim for 48 hours
We see the highest collector engagement result from inquiries responded to within 24-48 hours of an inquiry being placed. If you are not interested in a particular inquiry, dismiss it so as not to frustrate the collector or damage your overall response time.

3. Mobile matters

More collectors than ever start their Artsy experience on a mobile device. In October alone we recorded more user registrations via our iOS app than our webpage, meaning that more messages are being sent via iPhone and iPad. These inquiries may appear short in comparison to standard email, and many galleries make the mistake of believing that this communication style indicates a less committed buyer.

Pro Tip: Address every inquiry
These mobile users are just as serious about collecting—in fact, some of our largest reported sales over $1M have occurred via iOS. As such, don’t dismiss an inquiry for its brevity; keep the conversation going and get one step closer to a sale.

And to explore a collector’s experience via iOS, check out the Artsy app, recently ranked among the Top 50 shopping apps by Apple.

At the end of the day, success on Artsy is all about consistency—uploading artworks, adding metadata, and responding to inquiries. Get started on these tips to success in CMS.

Artsy Partner Updates