How to Use Artsy’s iOS App to View Artwork in Your Home

Artsy Product
Jul 10, 2019 7:51PM

Using Artsy’s augmented reality feature to place an artwork on a wall.

Ever wondered what a painting or print would look like hanging on your wall before you purchased it? With the augmented reality feature in our iOS app, you can see how every two-dimensional piece of art on Artsy looks in your home before you inquire or purchase.

Whether you’re looking for that statement piece to define a room or looking for something new to compliment your current collection, Artsy’s app can help.

To get started, open Artsy’s iOS app on your phone. If you don’t already have the app, you can download it here.

Next, find an artwork that you love. Artsy has more than 1 million works to choose from. Once you’re in the space where you’d like to “place” the work on your wall, tap the “view in room” icon below the work.

Start by tapping the “view in room” icon (shown above).

Follow these three steps within the app to place the work on your wall.

  1. Aim your phone at the floor and slowly moving in a circular motion.
  2. Position the marker where the floor meets the wall and tap to set.
  3. Position the work on the wall and tap to place.

Walk around the room to view the work in your space from different angles. You can even screenshot the placement and save for later. If you have questions while using this feature, you can contact our team of specialists at [email protected].

Artsy Product